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11-16-2005, 17:22
I just figured I'd share something that my gf and I came up with last night in terms of carrying...

Her struggle has been a constant one when it comes to concealing and carrying her weapon.

Lately, carrying in her purse has become very heavy and inconvienent when searching for everyday items.

What I suggested is that she leave her weapons in her purse as is, but all the non-essentials (4 lip sticks, 2 eye liners, lotions, mirrors, Splenda packets, pens, etc...) she can put in a make-up type bag inside her purse. That way she can take the bag out when going into a store or what have you, but yet always have her weapon(s) with her at all times and the purse doesn't weigh 10 pounds.

Just something we came up with, I figured it may be helpful to others.:)


11-16-2005, 23:40
Been doing something similiar for years :)

11-17-2005, 09:14

By all means, please share.;)


11-17-2005, 12:10
My "wallet" is just a little leather envelope big enough to hold a few cards in.

I have a small handmade bag a friend got me in Mexico (never seen anything this size or beautiful in the States) that holds a few pair of spare contacts, a small mirror, antibacterial gel and some disposable eye drops. About the size of the palm of my hand and 3/4 inch thick.

Another small bag contains tweezers, Goody Powders, lip balm, bandaids, etc. This bag is about 2 x 3 x 3/4 inches.

Other than that, there is a scrunchie and a checkbook (not always) inside my purse. The Glock is in a very thin holster like the ones in traditional carry purses.

My cell is in an outside pocket as is lipstick, lip balm, etc.

I am currently carrying a small handbag just big enough for a G23 ;f

A few years back, I carried in a "Vera Bradley" style bag a friend made for me. One of the pockets lining the outside was specially fitted for my G23. Unfortunately, I wore that thing almost out and haven't gotten around to getting another. I told her that she needed to make those with pockets to fit various guns and they would sell like crazy at gun shows! ;P

11-17-2005, 18:48
My wife needed an improvement for her purse carry. Since she changess purses based on where she's going, I made her a holster that moves from purse to purse and adheres to the wall of her purse to keep her pistol in place at all times. It works for herwell enough that I had my supplier make them commercially. I acrry them at as the Anywhere Pocket

Be Well,


12-01-2005, 18:44
I just recently picked up a Coronado bag from the Gun Show. I love it. Now I just need my concealed carry permit.

The bag has a seperate pocket for the gun and the holster velcros in to the wall of the pocket.

Also, the zippers come together so you can lock them together, if needed.