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11-17-2005, 17:39
Who's going?

I'll be going to the one in Long Beach that's coming up in December.

November 4-6, 2005 Fort Worth Convention Center Fort Worth, Texas *
November 11-13, 2005 Reliant Park Houston, Texas **
November 18-20, 2005 Colorado Convention Center Denver, Colorado *
December 2-4, 2005 Qwest Field & Events Center Seattle, Washington
December 9-11, 2005 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, California *
December 16-18, 2005 San Jose Convention Center San Jose, California
January 6-8, 2006 Rock Financial Showplace Novi, Michigan
January 13-15, 2006 Washington Convention Center Washington D.C.
January 20-22, 2006 Jacob K. Javits Center New York, New York
January 27-29, 2006 IX Center Cleveland, Ohio
February 3-5, 2006 Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis, Minnesota *
February 10-12, 2006 Donald E. Stevens Convention Center Chicago, Illinois
March 17-19, 2006 Cobb Galleria Centre Atlanta, Georgia

11-17-2005, 17:53
I would like to see it but it looks like chi-town is as close as it comes and I don't feel like driving that far just to see a bunch of stuff I can't afford :( .

It sucks that I can't go to the Indianapolis dealer show anymore (my brother is no longer a bike mechanic). That place ruled. I saw things there 2 years ago that are just now coming out (carbon fiber Vemar helmet) and I even got to touch Nicky Hayden's GP bike.

11-17-2005, 19:02
Figures..none near me :(

11-18-2005, 05:54
I'll be at the one in Denver (Colorado) on the 19th. I'll be wearing my Glock Talk hat. If anyone see's me, stop me and say hello.

Busta Capp
11-18-2005, 08:15
Just out of curiosity, how come it says "International" shows, yet all the venues are only in the states?

11-18-2005, 09:30
It's because they feature motorcycles of the world, hence "international".

11-19-2005, 14:33
I went to the Houston show.

Got to check out all the bikes I have been researching over the past year, with my favorite being the '06 Goldwing.

Pretty much all the Mfg's were there.

Star (Yamaha)was doing demo rides with their complete line-up in the parking lot. Did not try any.

My wife bought me a Belstaff Mercury jacket at the show for my B'day. Pretty cool and have been wearing it in the cool weather of late.

11-20-2005, 10:30
The show here in Denver was awesome....soooo many choices!!!

I did get to test ride a dirt bike as well. Here's a picture of me putting it through the paces.

11-20-2005, 18:26
I know it may sound like I am bagging on this show, but understand that this show is almost nothing but manufacturers, kinda like the new car shows that go around (really nothing but a BIG ad). If you want to see what all of the major manufacturers are offering, then this is the place to go. If you are looking for small builders and vendors then look elsewhere.
I went to the Atlanta show last year and would not go again unless I was shopping for a new production bike and wanted to see them all in one place. Had I known this ahead of time I would not have wasted MY money. YMMV


11-20-2005, 20:30
I went to the show here in Denver today. Was probably the best its ever been. Sure it doesn't compare to shows in bigger cities like when I lived in Los Angeles.

But for Denver which wasn't a stop for many years its GREAT for it to even be here. Yeah, sure its all the big mfgs, but its cool.

Some of the highlights for me was the 1980 Yamaha YZR. That was just awesome, the new R6 in the 'bumble bee' scheme made me almost want to come out of racing retirement. What I liked about it, and what I've always liked about Yamaha bikes, is that you feel like you are directly over the front tire. The ZX6RR while a little more narrow in feel felt like I was just behind the front wheel.

Victory had some really nice bikes. They looked more like customs than production bikes.

I like the Arai Colin Edwards Corsair helmet. Speaking of which, if you own a current model Arai, you ought to take your helmet, an official Arai "fitter" was here to help you get your helmet to fit perfect.

I wish they had more posters. Only a few of those. Plenty of vendors, but nothing awesome......

Either way a great way to spend a couple hours on a Sunday morning....

11-21-2005, 11:23
They don't come to Philly any more. I miss that show. ~sd

11-24-2005, 08:46
I have to wait till 'friggin March to go to the show!!!

Cool thing is I picked up a new copy of a classic bike mag (American not British) and enjoyed that with my morning coffee.

Great article on an old Moto Guzzi Eldorado!!

Man, it would be nice to have a classic bike like that!

Texas T
11-24-2005, 16:03
Originally posted by bobby_w
I went to the Houston show.

Got to check out all the bikes I have been researching over the past year, with my favorite being the '06 Goldwing. Bobby, I'd ride a Wing if I could afford one. I like the combo of a rolling couch and sport tourer. ;f

This was my first show and I had really expected it to be a lot larger, but overall it was good.

Bobby, check out my TWT sig for a group you might want to hook up with here in Texas.

11-24-2005, 20:50
Originally posted by Texas T
....Bobby, check out my TWT sig for a group you might want to hook up with here in Texas.

ThanX TT. Been to TWT several times. Only lurked though. Joined back on 09-20-2005.

I do hang out a lot on though. Best Wing site on the INet, especially for Classic Goldwings. We have some of the most knowledgeable Goldwing Gurus in the world.

Texas T
11-27-2005, 17:38
Originally posted by bobby_w
ThanX TT. Been to TWT several times. Only lurked though. Joined back on 09-20-2005. Pop in to one of the gatherings some night. Tuesday nights at PO's Burgers on Telge at about 7 pm. Thursday nights at King's Cafe in Montgomery, also at 7 pm. Just chow and ****-****. Other gatherings if you happen to live south of the city. Just check out the Upcoming Rides section.

Monthly Pie Run to somewhere in the state is usually the last Sat of the month. One week early in Nov due to Thanksgiving and the Dec run will actually be an overnighter in College Station for New Year's Eve. Banquet room will be used to watch Faster, Long Way Round, On Any Sunday, etc. Again, just chow and ****-chat (and perhaps a wee bit of the adult beverages). ;)

11-27-2005, 17:43
Depending on the status of my bike maybe I'll go hit up the Long Beach show too. The motor in my 04 Gixxer 600 died last week and I just bought a used 750cc motor to try to transplant in. Hopefully it'll be here by next weekend and I can get it all up and going by then. If so there is a good chance I'll roll up. I'd like to see the all new 06 GSX-R 750 in person to decide if I want to sell my bike and buy that.