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11-19-2005, 13:07
Well, I've really done it this time. For some reason firefox told me that my 'profile' was in use when I tried to load it up, so I had to create a new one to get in. Of course all my bookmarks and crap were on the other one, now I can't seem to get it back...I looked at firefox tech help site, but damn, I need directions in laymans terms. They said I should Start, Run, firefox.exe profilemanager, but all that did was bring up a new instance of firefox. What gives?....


11-19-2005, 13:42
Firefox hung when you closed it.It's running in background.You can fix this with Alt+Ctrl+Delete then in the menu find Firefox or Mozilla Firefox and switch it off.It should work if you restart your your PC too.Now you just have 2 profiles in Firefox,your old one is still there.