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11-20-2005, 02:33
My son has been trying to play the online game of star wars galaxies and is experiencing frequent random restarts. He has an alienware machine running from a linksys router and dsl, using xp pro as the os.

Looked around on the SW site and find that our router has supposedly been tested to work on with SW. I've disabled the xp firewall, and various virus programs etc with no luck.

There was something on the SW site about a port on the router needing to be opened but I don't understand that.

Any ideas?


11-20-2005, 09:44
If the PC is rebooting. I would say that your son's video driver is having issues when its stressed. I had the same deal with my 7800GT OC . I had to use a BEta driver from . Mine would shut down just as soon as it started to get stressed out. Try to update your drivers, or look for a beta like me. Also,turn all your protection back on. Its really bad these days with Virii and spyware. Latest study shows about 40 seconds just being online can get you infected.Thats not even having IE open. Crazy stuff.

11-20-2005, 12:52
Thanks for the reply. The motherboard is a geforce 5090 ultra 256mb bling bling something or another. I've tried two different drivers from nvidia and they both seem to perform about the same. Been reading the SW game site and have tried some of the stuff there, like checking cpu/case temps while stressing the system with some sort of program.

Ran some sort of video test program that was supposed to simulate future game releases and determine if your video card and machine will be able to run the new games coming in the future. The machine got a supposed high score from this test, and I must say the graphics that were displayed during the test were absolutely stunning.

Not sure what to do next, very frustrating.


11-20-2005, 16:10
Contact Alienware. Let them know whats up. If they are having a defective line run. It will save time to have them tell you whats wrong. I would also recommend have the PC scanned for Virii. Go to SARC.COM and run the scan there. If your infected,that may be it.