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11-22-2005, 03:46
After my "new" MB for my server was DOA (a different thread), I put my worksaation back on the desk. I had not removed or changed ANY components. All I had done was pull the power, mouse, kbd and nic cables so I could use them on the newish box. I boot the beast and leave the room to errrrr, freshen up. I return, and he damn thing is rebooting. I seems that windows had a mini-stroke. Linux still boots happily, as does Win98 (multiboot is GOOD). Even Win2k would boot in safe mode. After countless iterations of booting, changing CMOS, removing hardware and letting Win2K clean itself in "safe" mode, it still refuses to boot.

After enlarging my bald spot, I booting into the recovery console. One chkdsk /p later -- all is well, or at least booting. Why exactly did the system never worry about disk issues? Not really asking, just:soap:


11-22-2005, 04:28
Isn't Windoze XP great, Professional or home edition? Home edition is Win2000 with new curtains. The underlying hard drive system is different.

Try checking the boot sectors with Power Quest Partition Magic 8.0 or newer.

XP can have a major stroke when one suffers an improper shutdown, power outages, that corrupt the boot sectors. I had found my drive had been improperly dismounted and had some of the issues you describe.

I.M.O. Too many boot sector tweaks is not a good thing either. Three operating systems on one drive, I never found that to be a positive thing, over the years. A third party Multiboot system with the OS on separate hard drives works a little better than allowing LILO and Windows to manage the Multiboot process.

By the way to help relieve your fears of my experience, I was formerly a COMPAQ maintenance coordinator.

I wish you well. ;g

11-22-2005, 04:47
I'm running Win2k, not XP. My tinfiil hat is too tight for me to buy software that phones home.

I only have windows on two partitions on hda, FC4 is on hdb.

I don't remmember an improper shutdown, but the power here is flaky and my UPS died a while back (rains/pours).