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11-25-2005, 12:30
Another great little distro! I don't usually mess with RPM based distros, but with the adaptation of apt-get/Synaptic to the RPM based distros this distro is a real gem! I am a pretty hard core Mepis fan, but I think this may be my new favorite! Multimedia, with the exception of libdvdcss2, is more complete out of the box than Mepis, so it would be a great distro for a new linux user. It is incredibly easy to install, and it is pretty fast too! Here is a link if anyone cares to give it a go:


Just pick what is applicable to you i.e. if you have a newer NVIDIA card, pick NVIDIA7676.iso and all the NVIDIA drivers are built in the kernel already, same for ATI or if you choose
pclinuxos-p92.iso than you will get one that should work on any system regardless of video card, it just won't be optimized for your VC and will not have 3D acceleration.

The only down fall is that PCMCIA services are by default turned off so you have to edit your etc/sysconfig/pcmcia file and then activate the service. Not too painful, but a pain in the butt if you don't know what to look for.


11-25-2005, 12:42
PCLinuxOS is easy to use.It and Kanotix are the only two that reconize my PCI IDE controller.I don't think PCLinuxOS has any server software precompiled for it but it's a good desktop OS.A friend has an odd large LCD monitor and Mepis is the only one that displays properly on his monitor.There is a workaround in Kanotix I found but it's not suto detecting.PCLinuxOS used to be really slow for me but the current .92 version seems fast enough.Those ATI drivers aren't perfect and only sort of work with Radion 8500 and up and must be AGP or PCI-X.Radion 8500 PCI will not work with the linux drivers.Nvidia has much better Linux support.I don't mess with the ATI cards I always look for Nvidia cards.I haven't tried any of the really new ones yet.

11-25-2005, 14:22
Yeah +1 on Nvidia. I have never had a problem with their drivers in Linux. PCLinuxOS is new to me as I said before I usually stay away from most RPM based stuff. I kinda liked SUSE for awhile until I found better stuff and realized how slow it is and how big a pain in the neck it is.
I will say the "big boys" sure are falling behind to the smaller distros. Advertising and name recognition seem to be the big things keeping them going.

Anyhow, PCLinuxOS and Mepis are the two I reccomend to folks followed by Kanotix and even Kubuntu isn't too bad.


11-25-2005, 14:38
Yeah,the full version of Suse is a bit slow.It is really easy to use though.They have Suse 9.1 Personal which is only one CD but it's faster than Suse Pro.It's getting a bit dated now though.The last version of Knoppix 4.0.2 is fairly fast if you can get it installed.3d drivers are almost impossible to add to Knoppix though.Troppix has 3d drivers and great notebook support but not many apps.I installed the DVD version of Knoppix on my mother's PC so she could use most every app in Linux.It requires 8GB of space in the root partition!

Here are some really good isos to have around and try.





The Litrix iso is a zip file that must be opened and the iso image copied(extracted) to the hard drive,then burned to a CD.

CPX-Mini is a small version of Kanotix that is the smallest Linux I know that includees Java.

Litrix is still the fastest full Linux with KDE,Mozilla AND Firefox,Open Office and Java I've tried.It's based on Slackware I think 10.1 but they came out about the same time so it might be an updated Slackware 10.0 but I think 10.1 packages work with it.It's complete enough as-is for me.I'm not sure of it's hardware and notebook support.CPX-Mini has excellent hardware and notebook support.