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11-27-2005, 09:15
For those of you who are fond (as I am) of pirating adventures, I'll reccomend a BF1942 "Mod"; BFPirates.

Now,you can go whole-hog with Sid Meier's Pirates (By all accounts, a decent game), but this is free if you already have BF1942, and they are working on a BF2 version.

It's very clever, with most of the in-game dialogue replaced by proper piratin' jargon "They're stealin' our treasure!"
"Man overboard", and so forth.

Plenty of cutlasses, flintlock weapons, swivel cannons, small and large sailing craft, and pirate fortresses to play with on the large selection of maps.
Usually, several servers can be found using All Seeing Eye.


11-27-2005, 22:14
It is pretty rare that I see a Pirates game/server going. I am using the BF42 internet game screen. The drunken guy is fun to play, whacking people with the beer mug!

Another fun and well done mod is BF1918, the WWI mod.

11-27-2005, 22:42
To locate servers, much better to use All Seeing Eye. This is free, though they will periodically ask if you want to pay. I've been punching the "no, I'd rather use the program for another week for free" button for many months now.