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Patrick Graham
12-07-2005, 15:10
Iíve been rummaging around in alt.binaries.e-book, alt.binaries.e-book.flood, alt.binaries.e-book.technical and newzbin all day and it just dawned on me that the isnít a damn thing gun related out here.

This place is wide open and ripe for the taking. Letís start posting a bunch of firearms and second amendment stuff up here.

Does anyone have and Gun Magazines in PDF Format?

Guns Magazine has a download of their 1955 First Edition.. there has to be more then that out there..

Is there anything pro-second amendment out there that would be easy to convert ot PDF, without standing in front of the scanner all day ..??.. It doesn't have to "illegal" stuff.....


:) :) :) :) :)