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12-16-2005, 00:28
Guys, there's a really good movie mini-series on t.v. right now called "Sleeper Cell". I would suggest you watch this series. Pretty cool and can really give you the scary thought of having terrorist cells in some major u.s. cities. It stars Michael Ealy and Oded Fehr. Its about an ex-con Darwin Al-Sayeed who gained acceptance in a terrorist cell in L.A. headed by Oded Fehr (the Mummy, the mummy returns, deuce bigelow, resident evel:apocalypse)and darwin's objective as a deep penetration agent for the F.B.I. is to prevent any terrorist plot (Youmud din - Judgement day) to capitalize.
Other tv mini series i really love watching is 24 and the grid.
Here in this mini-series "Sleeper Cell" we'll get to see Glocks extensively used by the F.B.I agents as well as the police.