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12-16-2005, 19:21
I'm thinking about getting a family member one of these for Christmas. Anyone have either good or bad luck with any brands or models?

12-17-2005, 17:19
+1 I was looking at systems to be used with the Wunderground web site. But just for me would be good as well.


12-17-2005, 21:47
I have an older hardwired Oregon Scientific unit. The Wife got it for me for a b'day gift 6 years ago. One of my favorite techy toys ever.

I also post my data to WeatherUnderground every 10 minutes. Half my town looks up the current weather from my data.

Get the wireless one as the gift. It will get used several times a day.

I use the software from http://www.ambientweather.com/ to manage the unit. They also sell the weather stations.

Here is my data at WeatherUnderground...