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12-19-2005, 19:19
any reviews yet?

been looking for a good western shooter.

Red Dead Revolver was an 'almost' for me.....

12-19-2005, 19:24

It's getting about an 80% ranking on all platforms. Looks to be a decent game. The theme doesn't interest me so I probably won't get it.

12-19-2005, 20:46
I played it on Xbox. For me, it was highly over rated. Graphics and gasmeplay were only so-so (compared to most current Xbox games). And it was short. I finished it in about 7 - 8 hours of actual playing time. No replay value at all. Finally, don't be mislead by the "free roaming" ads. It is very linear, unless you just want to wander aimlessly in a bland desert setting. Rent if you must, please don't buy.

12-20-2005, 05:47
i think i'm getting as a present.

everyone knows i'm a western geek and for videogames, it's a pretty small genre.

i can't rent games. i never know when i'll have time to play....

12-20-2005, 06:23
I've played it a bit. Pretty fun, but no where near as immersing as Call of Duty 2. I would rent it as well, somehow I don't think I'm gonna get $50 worth of fun out of it. Have you ever played the old LucasArts game "Outlaws"? Something about that game just resonated "Western". "Gun" is close but seems to lack something.

12-21-2005, 15:45
I have it for the before the chorus of it lacks graphics etc., I got it because I like the western shooter games. It is NOT as awesome as Call of Duty 2, nor as pretty as Project Gotham 3.

However, if a person plays on an appropriately hard level and plays all the side missions it has a fairly decent play value. The 8 out of 10 ratings seems just about right. I played the game through on normal and it seems a bit on the short side. It's NOT a free roaming kind of game. The previous post of a linear story is correct. BUT, it does have some redeeming value.

Playing the game on insane difficulty is quite challenging and engaging. For the reviews, and talking to a number of players, GUN tends to be a love it or hate it kind of game.

I've played Red Dead Revolver, Darkwatch, and yes I remember Outlaws. I agree with the poster about Outlaws as being a really fun game. GUN fits in with all of these games in this category. None of them rank with COD 2, or Halo, Halo 2, etc. However, fun can be had! - Noir