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12-23-2005, 23:29
Call me crazy, and I know I've told others they don't need to go this fast, but today I entered a 30MPH recommended curve at over 70MPH.

I was riding with a friend and we were just putting along. I passed him and entered a nice sweeper. He said I had to have entered the curve at 90MPH. I was on my Multistrada 620 and he was on his Kawasaki 900. He said he couldn't keep up with me because he didn't feel comfortable going that fast through the curve.

I truly had no idea I was going as fast as he claims. I was just riding fast but comfortable. I was never trying to push the speed, just having fun. Man, I felt smooth today, but didn't know I was getting so much velocity. :cool:

Me thinks I definately need to go to the track. I can't wait until Feb, that's when I will be able to get the time to go to the track. Take care all and ride safe.

12-24-2005, 09:12
If the road is clean, and no traffic, I usually double up on all the curves.