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12-28-2005, 16:07
Is there a better email systm out there and can I import my email files to it without losing stored pix and saved stuff, like letters, stories and such?

12-28-2005, 16:35
Thunderbird is a free open source POP and IMAP email client developed by, the same folks who brought you Firefox. Feature-wise it sits somewhere between Outlook Express and Outlook which means that it offers an upgrade to Express users and a downgrade to those who use the more advanced PIM features of Outlook. All Outlook Express users should seriously consider switching. Youíll be rewarded with a more advanced product including built- in spam filtering, built-in RSS reader, better security, message color coding, fast email search and the ability to view your mail in conversational threads. On top of that, the product is more secure than OE and unlike the latter, is still being actively developed. The transition is made easier by the fact that Thunderbird looks and works similar to OE. Tools within Thunderbird also allow you to easily import OE account settings and stored email. Outlook users who arenít reliant on calendaring, Microsoft Exchange or Outlook plug-ins should also consider switching. Thunderbird email files can be indexed by the Google, Yahoo! and Copernic desktop search programs.

12-28-2005, 17:10
Ok, I downloaded from your letter and all looks good at saving my emails. Or should I say "importing" them.

I did and do receive lots of answers from boards I haunt. Like GT.

Is there a short cut or what do I need to do as........

The link posted to return from my email to GT isn't working.

Do I need to change my Net Browser for compatibility?

I really am happy to have saved my E-mails and very grateful to you for the information.

And should I install nidelvan-it.*********?

12-28-2005, 17:15
WDC. IT'S NOW WORKING,,,,,,,ZOWIE!!!!!!!;a ;f :) :) :)

12-29-2005, 00:56
Originally posted by 9jeeps

Do I need to change my Net Browser for compatibility?

Not absolutely necessary, but you might want to consider downloading Firefox. Once you use Tabbed browsing for about 1hr, you'll wonder how the hell you ever got along without it.