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12-28-2005, 19:20
This Christmas holiday, I took my best friend's 950 Adventure out for half a day's cruise in and around the Albuquerque area. Wow, what a bike! I barely got half of a left foot on the ground, but it was enough to balance the bike. It felt top heavy but once you get moving, it's very stable, especially in low speed handling, no doubt dues to its dirt bike design.

It doesn't have neck snapping acceleration, after all ABQ is a mile high up. Nonetheless, it pulls easily to 100-mph, and that's where I slowed down. Took some decent corners with it but I wasn't too sure about how well the knobbies would adhere to road surface. The skinny tires feel funny.:)

The bike sits so high that I look DOWN into the eyes of the big SUV drivers.;f There's nothing like a big-assed bright orange bike hauling down the road.:cool:

The factory windshield bugged the hell out of me because the buffeting hits me about half way in the face, but when I tuck down underneath it, I feel no wind. Very nice for those fast jaunts although people looked at me funny for tucking down on that big honking ass orange bike.;e

The suspensions (WP, aka White Power ;P ) were superbly made and regulated. It swallowed up all of the nasty bumps with aplomb yet doesn't have the floaty feeling like a typical suspension has. Very reminescent of BMW telever and paralever suspension except that it's set up with conventional fork & spring.

The brakes weren't as impressive as on a sport bike, but they do a very credible job of stopping. The rear is a big sensitive, actually, and I locked up the rear tire on a newly paved road without much effort. Scared me a bit, but no problem.

The clutch and the brake levers have THE best feels. I suppose the clutch needs to be like that since that you'll be using the friction zone aplenty in the dirt.

Gear ratio is also spot on. Not too tall and not too short. Good for a bike of that nature. My friend wanted to either drop the front sprocket or raise the rear but I told him that it would make throttle response in 1st gear too touchy for serious offroading. I could very well be wrong here, but during slow speed maneuvers on the road, the generous friction zone coupled with the not-too-high gear makes for some great handling.

I buzzed a Harley dude because him and his buddies took up the whole stinking road (two per lane across the three lanes of the boulevard and 5-mph slower than posted speed limit) and refused to give me room to pass by. And then I hopped a curb at the parking lot at a movie theatre to the consternation of a couple of rice rocket riders.

That damn bike brought out the hooligan in me.;J

And now I'm entertaining the idea of getting rid of either the Tuono or the Brutale when the 990 Adventure (more oomph, redesigned suspension, fuel injection, etc.) comes out next year. ;g

12-28-2005, 20:14
The 990 Super Duke is going to be the best hooligan bike on the road once they start importing them.
btw: I'll give you $5k cash for your Brutale. (that's pretty generous for a used MV, you better jump on my offer)

12-29-2005, 09:44
Here's the pic of the Orange Beast.

12-29-2005, 15:12
wtf: are the Shriners in town?
Those blue and white checkered leathers DO NOT go with that KTM at all, no way, major biker fashion faux pau.

12-29-2005, 15:25
Hey now, that blue&white outfit is my signature outfit. I have a red outfit and a red/yellow outfit and nobody seems to remember those.

12-31-2005, 07:26
The most fun I've ever had on two wheels.:)

12-31-2005, 14:10
But it's not orange?!!


12-31-2005, 18:58

I just fell in love today with the new KTM 950 Super Enduro R in the February Cycle World. :cool: