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12-29-2005, 13:54
Recently installed winxp home on one of our machines. It apparently has some sort of auto-shutdown thing going on. After so many minutes it goes back out to the xp log on screen (the one with all the user names listed). Then, under my name it says 1 operation running or something like that. Clicking on my name restarts whatever it is I was working on last.

Even more annoying is if it is left running for a little longer period of time, the machine will shut off completely. When I re-start it goes through a bunch of gyrations and eventually gets me back to the program I was using last.

I don't want this thing shutting down like that on its own accord. I'll decide when I want to shut it off.

How do I fix this?


12-29-2005, 14:01
Poke around in the power management options in control panel. Should be able to straighten it out.

Glock Bob
12-29-2005, 17:37
Firstly, as ngray said, check Power Options in Control Panel and ensure that the Hibernate option is off. Secondly, is this happening after a screen saver has come up?

12-29-2005, 22:54
Sounds like the "password prompt" is enabled after screen saver starts. If you have "fast logging" enabled under the user accounts section then it goes to log in screen like that. The shutting down problem must be how your power settings are set like was mentioned. Good Luck :)

01-02-2006, 19:44
What RR said. I have that option enabled on my kitchen computer for all the users in the house to keep their stuff running with an autolog off set to 5 mins of inactivity.