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01-01-2006, 16:41
I just started playing this today and I can't tear myself away from it. It's an excellent game with a great story. The characters feel like real people with real lives and I'm finding myself getting very caught up in what happens to them. Graphically, it's nothing special, especailly by PC standards, but it gets the job done and runs extremely smooth. I was frustrated with the control setup at first, finding the mouse and keyboard combo very awkward to use but once I plugged in my gamepad, things got much better. It's about the only game I can play better with a gamepad on my computer. The musical score is excellent and the split screen effects are intense and used to good effect in the game. The multiple character control is great too. You'll control one character, then go back to another character and play through the same time period from that characters point of view. I definately recommend this game.

01-02-2006, 08:40
Okay, funbob, what do you do again? I think on a previous post you said something about game testing or something? Lol, is there a game you haven't played?

(and, how do I apply for your job? {lol})

01-05-2006, 22:55
I can only wish I had a full time job as a game tester. ;f Talk about a dream job. I'm just an avid gamer though I do a good amount of closed testing.

Anyway, I finished the game in just a little over 10 hours of total playing time. Not a particularly long game, but there is definitely some replay value here due to the branching story line. I can see this game being like FEAR, where the second playthrough is just as good as the first because of the new perspective on the story. Previously disregarded elements take on much more importance the second time around. The ending felt a bit rushed but it was satisfying overall. Lots of shades of The Matrix. I would have liked to have seen some of the slower parts earlier in the game taken out or shortened and more work done developing the end game story some more. Tyler didn't have nearly enough impact in the game. He felt more like the goofy sidekick and I would have liked to have seen him have a more integral role in the game or reduced to a more non-playable character like Marcus.

01-10-2006, 05:29
I just picked this up the other day (Media Play near me is going out of business and has all sorts of sales going on, so I snagged Indigo for $20) -- it's really good stuff. The story really sucks you in, the controls keep you glued to the screen and force you to make every little decision, the characters are great, the storyline is intense enough to keep you hooked; I really, really, enjoy this game.

My only complaint is that the control system for combat has me so worried about flashing directional lights that I'm missing out on watching what's going on -- I feel like I'm being distracted in a movie theatre right during the big fight scenes, y'know? My only hope is to keep racking up the little bonus point thingies, so I can check it all out in the Extras section, afterwards.

All in all, though, this is an incredible game. I can't wait to wrap it up, just so I can start all over and try some different stuff!

01-10-2006, 09:35
The light system bugged me at first but as I progressed I became better at looking through them and focusing more on the on screen action. After a while, you also memorize what color is what direction and it becomes reflexive.

Also, when you finish the game, watch the closing credits all the way through for a bunch of bonus points.

01-10-2006, 10:28

I just beat the game, earlier today (not long after getting home from work, in fact) -- and it turns out no matter how many bonus points I've got, I can't watch the cool rooftop fight scene. To be honest, a cut-scene of that fight in a commercial is what made me decide to buy the game in the first place, and here I've got it beat, got a ton of bonus points, and all I've got for it is some freakin' ice skatin' BS and I can watch the shooting gallery mini game. OooOooOOoooh.

(well, okay, I got a little more than that, but you know what I mean)

:( That's got me very irritated, now.