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Joshua M. Smith
01-04-2006, 15:04
Hi All,

I was attacked from behind fairly recently.

The attacker put me in a bear hug. I promptly broke the hold (how? dunno) and the next thing I know he was flying across the room to land on an end table. This was a good ten feet.

As I was transitioning my stance, I found that I had used a ward off maneuver from Tai Chi, which I use for health purposes, and the attacker later said I hit him with my palm as well.

I had worked with internal palm a bit, but I never expected it to come forward to readily, and I definitely didn't figure on "ward off left" from Tai Chi to factor into any defensive stuff I do... as I said, it's excercise for me.

What should have come forward was a lock or throw of some sort, but I entered an emotionless state and exploded (in a controlled manner).

Can anyone explain these moves and actions? I can't figure it out. I concentrate on "don't think, just do," but I don't see how these moves could have been at the forefront of my defense as my primary training is Aikido based. As I said, the internal palm stuff was in the mix, but wasn't at the center. It's something I hadn't practiced in years.

Any guesses are appreciated.

Thank you,

Josh <><

01-27-2006, 18:57

01-27-2006, 22:40
Years of training will considerably raise your level of alertness and you'll also become familiar with how to move unders stress. Whether or not you moved like one of your forms or katas is really irrelevant. The fact that you kept you head and were unharmed is an endorsement of excellent martial training! I wouldn't try to analyze this too much.


Boondock Saint
01-27-2006, 23:56
I had a similar experience many years ago where a guy at a party was drunk and started to harass me. I remember he was poking me in the chest with his finger and I smacked his hand away. He then grabbed me by the shirt with both hands, and the next thing I remember he was on the ground with my t-shirt in his hand. I was standing with a lot of people in-between us. He was struggling to get up. I had totally zoned out and had to ask others there what had happened. They said that he had grabbed me, that I struck both arms away and then shoved him. He then charged me, I grabbed him and hip tossed him. He had grabbed my shirt again and with his momentum he almost pulled me to the ground with him so I ducked my head and let my shirt go. I stuck him once in the face and then regained my balance and started to stand up. At that moment I was rushed by people stopping the fight. It happened soooo fast. I didnít really understand what had happened until everyone told me. I trained a lot back then but Iím older and out of shape now, some times I wonder if that automatic reaction is still in me. Nowadays I would just offer to buy him a beer. ;)