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01-05-2006, 22:38

I'm trying to fly around via MS flight sim 2004, but I'm getting this error when starting up: Load Library (~df394b.tmp) The specified module could not be found. Same thing happens with Tiger Woods PGA 2004. I haven't added any new programs recently. Any advice is appreciated!!!! Cheers.

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01-06-2006, 09:20
This would be my guess (just what I was able to find after a few quick searches).. good luck.

When you launch the game, the software (like SafeDisc) has to load itself into memory so it can run and deal with the authentication process. It is likely trying to use the same area of memory of something such as SafeCast.


You will need to identify and shut down the conflicting SafeCast product. Any software, like virus/utility suites, could be protected with SafeCast.

01-06-2006, 11:40
You have a few options. Try updating the SafeDisc Driver Fix from Macrovision at Upgrade the firmware for your CD/DVD driver. I can point you in the right direction for that if you can provide the make and model number. Last, go find a crack. Can't recommend any sites in a public forum for obvious reasons.

01-06-2006, 14:09
Thank you for your replies. Now I have a problem I'm more concerned about. I noticed my Ad Aware wouldn't complete a system scan without locking up. Neither would the Spybot. The Ad Aware would stop at: "HKEY_Local_Machines\Software\." I figured I'd uninstall it, reinstall it, and try agin. Keep in mind I pretty much don't know what I'm doing. The Ad Aware installation will not complete. The message says: "Could not initialize installation. System DLLs corrupt or missing. Access is denied." Figured I'd try to download Microsoft Antispyware, pretty much got the same
result: "Unable to save file: C\Windows\Downloaded Installations\,etc....., Access denied." My laptop is an Averatec 3200. I haven't had any issues until now. All other programs seem to be working as advertised. As always, any ideas are appreciated because I'm a loser. Am I in for a bumpy ride??????;g

01-06-2006, 14:30
Sounds like a problem with the Windows installer.I doubt this matters but check the time and date on your PC including the year.