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01-13-2006, 07:32
i've posted this eralier on in the week in the General non-glock forum with no response. I know it has nothing todo with HAM radio per se but does anybody have any input on DSC?

Anybody have a DSC enable marine radio and if so , is their any real use for this feature ? and what benefits do you get ?

from what I read, alot of us coast guard functions will shift more to dsc and digital selection - IDing. Has it exceptance being good?

Will HAM bae station get some form of DSC enable towards the future ?

R. Emmelman
01-15-2006, 19:21
you might post your question on www.radioreference.com.


also geared more towards HF http://www.wunclub.com/

73 de WI9NDY

Rich in INDY

Kerrville Dan
01-26-2006, 20:18
There's a fairly useful but dated write up about DSC on West Marine's technical help site. See link below. My understanding in 2004 when I bought a marine radio with DSC for my boat that the DSC feature might be useful by 2006.