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01-17-2006, 13:39
A physically challenging feat women peeing while standing up is now easily achieved thanks to a funnel-like device, its manufacturer claims.

Brisbane-based company WhizBiz today said "The Whiz" fits snugly against the body to enable women to "take a stand" like their male counterparts and avoid smelly public toilets and long lines.

Invented two years ago in the United Kingdom, The Whiz is coated in an anti-bacterial agent so that it does not have to be cleaned and is reusable, WhizBiz spokesman Lachie Campbell said.

"It is coated with a high-tech plasma film developed by the British Army which repels fluid meaning women can pee, flick once to dry and stuff it in their handbag," Mr. Campbell said.

He said the device had been trialled at music festivals such as the Big Day Out. It was also suitable for women while they were camping, backpacking and holidaying where there was no access to toilets, or if they had bad backs, he said.

"Women can urinate standing up, anywhere that a male could with a more dignified and less exposed way than squatting because you can't find or wait for a toilet," Mr. Campbell said.

01-17-2006, 15:44

01-18-2006, 06:02
Most any woman can pee standing up...provided she's been doing her 'Special Exercises' routinely!

I guess this device is for those lazier girls who can't be bothered with all that...

But that's fine. Us connaisseurs avoid them anyway, so it makes no difference to us.

BTW, I remember seeing ads way back in the day for adaptors for the 'Little John Travelling Urinal' that were designed for the ladies. I'm sure its design, aside from the materials, is the same. After all, the ladies obviously haven't changed much themselves!

Makes me wonder, though...that hole is MIGHTY small compared to the oft-prodigious flow that erupts from a girly who's been holding it for awhile...seems there'd have to be a learning curve here somewhere.

Sort of a "Slow And Steady Wins The Race" type of deal, I'm guessing!