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01-19-2006, 09:54
I tried posting this in carry issues but didn't get any results.

I ordered an American Hobo (model of purse) for my girlfriend. The problem we'd been having is that the other non-specialized purses, were decent for carrying, but we ran into problems when other things were put in separate compartments inside the holster because of the thin lining.

We received the purse and although it is made from extremely high quality leather and is VERY well sewn, it is way to flimsy and not what we/she needs.

Below is an email I sent the distributor:

We have a problem. The purse does not suit my needs. I was under the impression that the type of leather the actual purse was made from would be very stiff and not flexible in the least. Additionally, the inner compartment where the holster is supposed to be kept is comprised of a flimsy fabric rather than a sturdy (and again) stiff leather/material. This presents a problem because it hinders access to the weapon whenever anything is placed in either side of the purse compartments. In any case this holster will need to be returned. However, instead of a full refund of the $109, I would much rather receive a purse that meets my needs.

To be more clear cut, here is what I am looking for. Hopefully you can reccommend a purse...

1) The purse needs to be able to accommodate a Glock 19.

2) The inner compartment where the weapon will be holstered needs to be made from a stiff, non-flexible leather/material.

3) The purse may be of larger size than the American Classic Hobo.

If all Coronado purse holsters are comprised of the same "guts" a full refund really is the only option. However, if one or two are made differently from the others, I'd certainly consider them and add or subtract the dollar amount to make up the difference.

Please share your thoughts! Thanks!!


01-20-2006, 20:23
My Coronado Crosscarry is like that, but as it is a small bag, and I don't generally carry anything in it EXCEPT the firearm (I'm not a purse user I guess), I don't have a problem. Have you considered putting some sort of insert into the carry compartment or the adjacent compartment to 'wall it off'? A piece of heavy leather, or thin plastic perhaps?

01-20-2006, 20:24
Oh and I thought your letter was well done.

01-25-2006, 09:23

Any feedback from Coronado?

I am currently shopping for a gun purse for my wife to CCW a G26.
I would like to find out which model ends up working out for your girlfriend's G19, if you wouldn't mind sharing that info.

I know all about the flimsy purse issues... My wife hates the purses that fold over on themselves (flimsy exterior) and she has no "gun" purse as of yet.

Hope Coronado provides you with superior customer service, and manage to provide your girlfriend with an adequate CCW product.

01-25-2006, 13:37
My wife got a Maestro Hobo for Christmas from me. She's thrilled to be able to carry "her way". We got two Stealth inner holsters for her PPK/S and G23. With shipping and the extra inner holster the total was $149. Very well made and well worth the money.;c

01-25-2006, 22:27
Here's the feedback...

First off, I must give some major MAJOR kudos to the folks at (a GT sponsor I might add;)).

The guy I dealt with there was AMAZING!!!! This guy not only offered to give me a full refund, including shipping costs, of the original purchased price. He went a step further and researched better products for me, which turned out to be Galco purses which cost twice as much and didn't offer near the capabilities! I've never had such honest and hardworking service online!!!

Now as it turns out, my gf put all her stuff in the purse, as well as the gun, adjusted the shoulder strap, I helped her put the holster in correctly, and now she LOVES the purse! It's actually much more useful and convienent than it originally appeared. The leather is flimsy, but of the utmost quality. The inner compartment was more than ample in terms of space for the gun and drawing hand.

Feel free to ask any specifics. I'm a picky consumer and my gf is even worse, so that tells you how highly I think of this product.