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01-23-2006, 17:34
I'm interested in getting a police/aviation band reciever and was looking for any recommendations. I would like to spend less than $200, and have no desire to transmit. I know NOTHING about scanners/transmitters, so I have no idea what is legal and or practical. I'm more interested in police frequencies, but as a pilot it would be neat to aviation freqs available.

BTW, I do have a FCC restricted radiotelephone operator permit that I need to get before getting hired at the airlines (for international operations I guess). Like I said before, I know nothing about scanners, I'm just curious. Any help would be appreciated.

01-23-2006, 19:00
Like anything else technical, get educated before putting down the cash. $200 should get you a pretty good scanner. You'd be hard pressed to find a scanner that didn't cover the aviation freqs.

Features to look for & decide what you want:
# of channels (should get at least a few hundred)
trunk tracking
portable or tabletop
frequency bands / coverage
aux antenna options
programmability from a PC

Good luck!

01-23-2006, 21:00

Cool, thanks for the reply. That's the kind of info I need to start researching a scanner. Now that I know what to look for I'll get started. If anything else crosses your mind please feel free to weigh in.

01-28-2006, 19:09
One thing that people new to scanning should get up to speed on is their state's laws about mobile scanning. If you're inclined to use a scanner while driving, you may need to get a special license or permit. In some states a ham radio license suffices.

I don't do much police monitoring from home anymore, but while driving, if there's no one on my local ham freqs, I enjoy listening to the local PDs

lethal tupperwa
01-28-2006, 19:23
there have been other threads that you might find useful.