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01-24-2006, 00:17
Since the Mustang is still at the body shop after being rear-ended back in December, I had to get another vehicle. A guy on the local AR15 board mentioned he had a truck for sale, so I took a look at it and jumped on it.

It's a 1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 22RE (bulletproof 2.4L four-cylinder), 4x4, 5spd. Has 234K miles, which for this motor is apparently not unusual, and the body and frame have very little rust for a Toyota truck of this vintage. Paid $1100. Four-wheel-drive works, which will be nice next time it snows big again. It will need a clutch and probably a timing chain a bit sooner than later, but neither are immediate. Brakes could use a little looking at, too (intermittent squeak). Interior is pretty clean except the carpet, and the heat is HOT. As you can see in the pictures, it's got the standard-issue Toyota saggy ass, but an add-a-leaf or lift shackles should fix that for a while. Needs big tires and maybe new wheels too. Aside from that, maybe exhaust, and maintenance/repairs, I should be able to leave it pretty much alone and have a good daily driver/beater. Hopefully the Mustang can be reduced to a nice-weather car for the first time in it's life. :)


01-24-2006, 20:29
Good luck with it. Toyota has a great reputation for longivity.

01-24-2006, 20:31
nice rig, yota's are where its at for 4x4 (IMHO)

might I suggest a new set of rear springs? Nothing bugs me more than a saggy rear;f, although yours isnt nearly as bad as some of the trucks I see

01-24-2006, 20:46
I would say for $1100 you got one hell of an off road and winter mobile.

Just in case you get a bug up your bum about hopping up that bad boy. Check out LC Engineering. The specialize in all the 22xx motors and make some mean power for a four banger. That thing would be sweet with a turbo. ;)

01-25-2006, 02:23
New rear springs (or an AAL or lift shackles) are definitely in the plans. Truck needs levelling pretty bad. ;)

I agree, it definitely needs a turbo. Had a hard time keeping 70mph on the highway yesterday. :( I will definitely be looking into that - may have to build myself a turbo motor for the truck, too. ;f


Black Tiger
02-20-2006, 04:40
That 4Runner might outlast your Stang. Toyotas are well known for making long-lasting cars & trucks; my first car was a 96 Tercel and that thing survived me like a P-47 would survive a low level strafing run through a Flak gun Factory.