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01-25-2006, 21:59
Howdy All,

I posted about scanner help and I decided to get a Radio Shack PRO-97 scanner. It seems to have everything I am looking for and online reviews all seem quite positive. That being said, learning how to use it is another matter all together. The instruction manual is rather confusing to a newbie. I get the impression that one must be versed in scanner/radio operations and "lingo" in order to get anything useful out of it. I was wondering if anyone knows of any information sources out there that are in plain english. Perhaps a website as an intro to amateur scanning? Or maybe a simple to use starter guide for the PRO-97. I would appreciate anything that would help get me in the right direction. Thanks

R. Emmelman
01-26-2006, 06:31
Check out:

Lot of good information there.

Rich - WI9NDY

01-26-2006, 12:39

Thanks for the link. I happened to stumble on last night and it answered some questions. However, I now have even more querries! I'll keep plugging away, but I may be posting again real soon. Thanks again.

R. Emmelman
02-01-2006, 08:22
Another good source for frequencies is the FCC database:

Link (

Good for finding the oddball frequencies like McDonalds or Walmart

02-03-2006, 13:09
I have a PRO-96 and use a program called Win96 by Don Starr. The website is There is a version for the PRO-97 and has a 30 day trial. The PRO-96 version was $30 and is worth every penny. The PRO-97 is listed on the site and I would have to assume that, like the PRO-96 version, makes programming easy. The program goes on a Windows based PC and connection between the scanner and PC is accomplished via a special data connect cable that you can get from Radio Shack or a handful of third-party suppliers. I have the Radio Shack one and all works great. An advantage here, too, is that if your scanner info gets erased, all you have to do is download the info from the saved file on the PC. Also, again if like the PRO-96 version, you can have multiple saved files for download onto the PRO-97.

Hope this works as easily as the PRO-96 one.