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02-03-2006, 15:34
Hi folks. As most of you already know, I do not allow companies to post unsolicited ad messages plugging their products here. This wasn't always the case, but such posts started to be a problem five or six years ago, so we stopped allowing such posts. I have been giving it some thought though and I've decided that having a place for companies to discuss their wares could be a benefit to them AND to my readers here, so I created this forum.

<b>The ability to originate new threads here will be limited to my sponsors only.</b> There are a lot of great products and companies out there, but I have to pay the bills here and my sponsors are helping me to do so. Although only sponsors will be able to start threads here, any member can reply to those threads, to ask questions about the products being discussed. <b><font color="red">I want to make it very clear that replies in this forum must be limited to the products being discussed. This forum is not going to be used to hash out complaints or customer service issues with my sponsors. If you have an issue with one of them, please take it up with them directly. I also want to stress that I want anyone who posts here to be polite and respectful. The sponsors that post here help keep this place going and I do not want to see them get beat up for their trouble</font> Any messages that violate these guidelines will be removed.</b> If any of you have any feedback on this new forum, please email me at webmaster@glocktalk.com

Glock Talk will very soon be adding a paid membership tier above the current free membership level. Once that happens, I will have a mechanism in place where companies who aren't sponsors here can buy short-term access to this forum, to announce a new product. I will post more info on this when the paid tier launches.

If you are a sponsor here and I haven't already emailed you about this new system, please email me with your GT user name and I will update your account so you can post here.

If you are not a sponsor here and would like more info on becoming one, please email me at webmaster@glocktalk.com and I will send you more info. We have several advertising options to offer. Glock Talk served more than 31,000,000 banner ad exposures last month. The site gets a huge amount of traffic.

Anyway, I hope this forum will be a valuable tool to my sponsors and my readers here alike. Thanks. Eric

Mrs. VR
02-03-2006, 16:21

02-03-2006, 16:33
Oh, too cool. Second post!!

02-03-2006, 16:58
Great Idea !!!

02-04-2006, 03:31
Great idea, sir.

02-16-2006, 05:22
Thanks Eric, This is a great media for specific & direct questions to be asked and answered. I think everyone will benefit from this thread. Customers and sponsors. If you searce the forums GLOCKTALK has the largest member base of all the forums.


Tony Doukas