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02-06-2006, 09:45
I got a Sargent ( seat for my Aprilia

One ride and I can tell that it's money well spent. Usually the foam on the stock seat started to get compressed down to nothing within an hour's ride. Hopping on the Sargent's seat and I can immediately tell the difference. I swear that it feels like I'm sitting on air cushion. The wild part is that when you compare the seat to a stock seat, it doesn't look like much or feel anything too different. I was wondering what the hell I was getting for $232 (MSRP is $260 but I got it cheaper with a local shop)

With trepidations, I slapped it on and went for a ride. Wow, what a difference the Sargent made.;P Not only that it makes my butt feels like I'm sitting on air, it also reshaped the seat a bit so that my leg can reach the ground a bit better as well. The Tuono's seat is a lofty 32" and the suspension doesn't sag that much. With my high sole/high heel cruiser boots on, I can one-foot it, but with either my sporting or racing boots on, I'm on the ball of my foot. With the Sargent seat, I can one-foot with my sporting and racing boots.

I think that when the Beemer's factory seat gets worn down I'll send it to Sargent to have it refitted with their foam and skin.

I chose the Sargent over the Corbin because the Corbin has leather seating surfaces and it requires regular maintenance with the cream/saddle soap. The Sargent is 100% synthetic, so it's wash & go.

Anyway, I'm a believer of Sargent seats now. There's a fellow named Rick Mayer who makes superb custom seats. Alas, his seats are made for serious touring and comfort only. They're very wide and upswept to hold your buttcheeks in and wouldn't be too amenable for sport riding when you have to slide your ass around a bit.

02-06-2006, 14:04
I've heard nothing but good about Sargent seats. :)

On my Harley's I've used Corbin, but then I wasn't trying to move my butt all over like you do on a sportbike. Congrats and I'm glad you like the new seat.

Take care and ride safe. :)

02-07-2006, 13:37
+1. Just put one on my Ducati SS1000. Much more comfy than the OEM seat, and very well made.

02-09-2006, 08:58
That's odd. I got two seats from corbin and they're not leather seats...

Sargent sounds good. Glad you're happy with it.


02-09-2006, 09:13
Are you sure that your Corbins don't have leather seating surfaces? That's their claim to fame.

02-09-2006, 09:24
Originally posted by fnfalman
Are you sure that your Corbins don't have leather seating surfaces? That's their claim to fame.


If you'll see it here in you'll see that they offer vinyl seats. Mine is in black carbon fiber. Looks beautiful!

I got a new smuggler design for my R1100S so no one can ride with me and ruin my day of riding alone. :)


02-09-2006, 18:44
I wouldn't mind a Corbin seat except for the fact that it's dished. I'm moving around on the seat when I ride the twisties and hanging off, so I need a flat seat.

Truth be told, I'm liking my 2006 seat. :)