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02-07-2006, 13:33

I have been wondering if anyone out here is a QRP operator. If so, how fanatic are you? What percentage of the time do you operate at QRP power levels? What kind of equipment do you run? Are you a ragchewer, paper chaser, etc.

I operate QRP CW all the time, except in the case of one SSB sked I keep with a CW challanged friend. I say challanged because we both admit that he has a terrible fist. HI HI.

I usually operate a Norcal 20, but also a Norcal .38 Special on 30M, and a SW40. Also, have a HW-8 I use for 15 and 80M. Typically run at mW power levels, and do a combination of ragchewing and a tad bit of paper chasing. My current project is to work all states with a combined total power of 5 watts. To date, I have worked 47 states and have used 3.8 watts total combined power, so its looking good, or will be when the solar cycle improves!


02-10-2006, 20:42
Full time QRP operator here. Use an Elecraft K-2 at 15 Watts.
Have been off the air for a few months because of work (am a chief of police in NW Missouri)
Check out the OMISS site (http://www.omiss.net). It is a great group that meets nightly and qrp is always welcome (SSB)
Take care and hope to hear from you. Would love to set up a sked with you.
73 OM...de....KC4QNW

02-13-2006, 13:35
Nice to read your response. Sorry it took so long for me to reply, but only have limited access to the Internet.

I have been interested in building a K-2 for a long time, and have only hesitated due to the price of the kits. But they sure sound great, have amazing features compared to my humble equipment. I think of the K-2 as the Argo of the new millenium.

Checked out the OMISS site, and it looks like a good outfit. I belong to the Norcal QRP Club, ARCI-QRP, and the Adventure Radio Society, and that is unfortunately about as many memberships as I can handle.

As far as a sked goes, I would have to crank a high power rig down to QRP level for SSB as all my QRP gear is CW only, but that is not a problem. I have been keeping a sked with a friend in Odessa, MO,for years, and have always had good propagation over the path, so should be do-able around 0000-0100Z most days. Let me look over my sked and I will PM you with a day/freq/time, and we can see if we can hook up.

72, Flaps

02-25-2006, 12:16
I've had and built several QRP rigs, the last of them being an Elecraft K1. However, I haven't fired it up for so long I'd have to get re-trained!! ;)