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02-09-2006, 00:25
I've noticed that the price of the items increased.... any reasons why ??:)

Eye Cutter
02-09-2006, 17:17
i was also surprised that they're more expensive than cr speed or safariland products. prob. just for the duration of the shot show in las vegas.

have you ordered your rig already?

02-09-2006, 20:20
hahaha thanks Eye for remembering me... got the rig already but not from the JR's yet.... i bought it through a Malaysian RO who had asked his fellow friend from phillipine (sorry i do not know his real name to tell u)to buy a rig from your country and passed up the rig at IPSC Level III match in Bangkok last december...the rig is blue in colour i think it is hand made but i do not know who made it (as of now the performance is ok but expected the belt wont last long)....

but i am still thinking to buy the rig from JR but seems that the price is about 80% higher than before... hope your guess is true that is becoz of Gun Show in Vegas....

and Eye do u have any tips to be given to me for IPSC shooting particularly for the shooter who only used Glock 19 in production division. any reply is much appreciated and TQ Sir

02-09-2006, 20:59
Practice your reloads. ;f

02-09-2006, 22:06
Originally posted by batangueno
Practice your reloads. ;f

;z hahaha +1 brother !;f

Vault Keeper
02-12-2006, 07:55
Originally posted by Glock191
hahaha thanks Eye for remembering me...

SI EC? Remembering? Parang understatement yata yon? Eh memory nyan 5 gig yata! Lahat natatandaan...;f ;f ;f