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Lynn D
02-10-2006, 05:09
Just wondering how do I find where my post was moved to. I thought I had posted it in the proper location, but then noticed the "moved" icon a few days later (was looking for mags).



02-10-2006, 06:26
Hi Lynn,

You can click on your profile (found under any post you have made). Then, at the top of that page, at the right, you will find text that says, Search for all posts by this user. That will bring up all of your posts.

Here's a link to that information now. You will see part of your posts and which forum they are in. You can just click on them to be taken directly to the threads.

02-10-2006, 07:46
This one per chance?

Moved to the WTB (Wanted To Buy) forum.