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02-11-2006, 17:21
I'm interested in what any Marines (since there is no such thing as an ex-Marine) think of my situation. This issue has really been on my mind.

I came to the US from Canada a few years ago. I've always wanted to live in the US since I was a teenager. I absolutely love this country. I have a very good paying job and a job I like (on occassion). I'm not married, nor do I have kids.

I've always been interested in serving in the military. My first choice would be the Marines. I don't want to join to get money for school or a trade. I want to serve for three reasons: the US is a country worth fighting for, it would challange me in an entirely different way and I think my personality would "mesh" with a military lifestyle.

Here is where things get interesting. If I want to join, I've got to do it this year. I'm getting on in years (I'll be 30 this year), although I'm in good shape (lots of cardio and weights). I can quit my job this year, but if I stick around until next year, I can't quit for a couple years unless I'm willing to pay the company back a substational amount of money (~$30K). So it's a decision I've got to make in the next few months.

Another thing is that I'm not a US citizen, so I can't be an officer and I would be restricted to infantry and related MOSs (which is fine with me).

One benefit is that I would be eligable to apply for US citizenship in a year or two, versus my current situation where I would have to wait at least 5 years.

It would be a major change for me, but I also don't want to look back in 10 years and regret not doing it.



02-11-2006, 20:10
It sounds to me like you would be joining the right service for the reasons you gave. I've been a Marine for almost 16 years. I feel it's an honor and a privelege to wear the uniform.
No direspect to any of the other services- we're all on the same team, fighting the same war. The other services focus their recruiting efforts on education and lifestyle, whereas the Marine Corps "sells" itself just as it is- a fighting organization that will challenge you.
I was a recruiter years ago, but I don't recall the citizenship requirements for Canadians. I do know that if you're in good physical conditions, they may waive your age if you're over the max.
Good luck, Semper Fidelis

02-11-2006, 22:09
Correct me if I wrong...but isnt the cutoff age 32?

02-11-2006, 23:19
It used to be 31, but again- most everything is waiverable. I don't know what it is now.

02-12-2006, 01:02
Consider reserves if you don't want to quit your job, if it's an option. Best advise I can give you is contact your local recruiter. Go to www.marines.com and look up your local recruiting station and give 'em a call. They'll answer any questions you have. And as far as the age thing goes, as others have said, you can get a waiver. When I went to MEPS there was a guy in his 40s being processed.

02-13-2006, 10:02
Age can be waivered up to 38 i think. not real sure but thats my best guess.

02-17-2006, 22:09
Go for it! We were required to render military service during weekends when I was in the university (as part of the curriculum) and I chose the Philippine Marines. You'll carry the training, experience and discipline all throughout your life.

Never regretted signing up for the Marines.