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02-12-2006, 18:13
Man do I like these mild winter days. Just a short ride on a Sunday afternoon. I am trying to post a photo but not having much luck.

02-12-2006, 18:52
Yup, it's great!

We did a loop ride through the twisties in southern AZ. Stopped at a cafe and had lunch, then took a backroad back to town. :cool:

Now it's supper time and I'm cooking Buffalo. ;c :)

02-12-2006, 21:42
7am: woke up 28 degrees
8am: sunny, 32 degrees. maybe i'll get in a quick ride when it warms up
10am: 36 degrees. still too cold, but sunny.
11am: 38 degrees. i'll just wait for the church crowd to get off the road.
11:30: snows like mad for 5 min. sun comes back out. still hope
11:45: still cold, but snow is gone and road is dry
12:05 snows like mad again. screw it. crack open beer and light cigar