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02-15-2006, 08:25
Hey guys - what is the current issue TA50 (is that terminology still in use?) for 11B MOS?

Please tell me that the old Alice pack ruck has been replaced with something modern ;)

02-15-2006, 08:40
We turned in all of our TA 50 before we deployed. We got issued our body armor which is made for all MOLLE gear and we got issued a ton of MOLLE ammo pouches, etc. We were told that this is our new LBE gear and everything we were issued except the strike plates for the vest will stay with us permanantly. Looking back on it, I can't believe we ever trained with out body armor. We also have new Ruck Sacks that replaced the ALICE PACK. I kept my old one though, and like it better.

02-15-2006, 20:46
Some are getting issued the ALICE,

02-15-2006, 20:48
Some are getting issued the ALICE,still. I was issued the ALICE, the later was issued MOLLE GEN 2 if I can remember right. I was 82nd ABN, and just left there to Recruit in October. The Molle is more comfortable, but nothing is comfortable when your wearing the body armor. My Brigade at the time also isused what whe called Falcon Racks, which is like a chest Rack, web gear, it works pretty good execpt that it usually takes a 2nd person to help you don it because of the body armor limits your range of movement.

Black Tiger
02-18-2006, 18:25
My current unit issues the standard LBV, but the unit is pretty much open-minded in terms of personal gear, so they allow us to wear our own rigs; I have an SDS Ranger RACK System and an SDS MOLLE II System, which I choose according to the mission.

I have a good old Large ALICE Rucksack with frame and shelf, which has been with me since I was in active duty (1992) and it has never, ever failed me.

03-16-2006, 10:21
issued the woodland LBV and internal framed ruck .

{TEX}Hawaii 5-0
03-17-2006, 16:55
We've got the new stuff and the old stuff.

03-20-2006, 21:50
I was issued the LCE, LBV, and Molle sytem. LCE stayed at the bottom of a duffle bag.

While the Molle system is great, the ruck can go to hell. IMHO the large Alice ruck is great. I could never adjust to the crappy Molle ruck and plastic frame for movements. But I am Infantry and my body has shaped to the Alice ruck over the years.

03-21-2006, 21:59
The internal frame ruck is great - as long as you don't have to wear any lbv/lce gear with a pistol belt at the same time.
Then the 2 are incompatible.

For the I-ruck to work as designed , you need to use the hip belt. Unfortunately , the soldier is wearing the LBV w/pistol belt/canteens/more magpouches/etc.
Try strapping on the T&E for the crew served guns and it really becomes counterproductive.

If the Army would come out with a deeper Alice ruck on the external frame - I think that would be the ideal solution.