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02-16-2006, 12:25
Who here has had experience with online gaming team competition? I have just started with the clan I'm in to play on TWL (Team Warfare League), with Battlefield2 in 5v5 and 8v8. We've won our first two matches (one in each class), and they were absolutely intense. Has given me even more reason to love online gaming!!

Just curious about other's experiences.

02-17-2006, 08:45
I started competitive gaming in 1998, so I do have some experience. In 2001, my clan took a break from the ladders due to all the 15yr old idiots and the cheating had just gotten too widespread. I got back into it in 2003 and am still going strong.

My gaming unit is centered on realism. We don't do the BF2 dolphin dive or allow bunny hopping from our guys. I can tell you that finding a unit like that has been a breath of fresh air. I don't mind the other guy hopping about, but I'd rather stick to some level of realism and have a team backing me with the same ethos.

Have fun in TWL. It's a great community. We just pulled ourselves off the BF2 ladders due to a decline in member interest. The lack of patch support by the EA and their begging for more dollars to make the game right (subjective, I know) in an expansion pack - that wasn't worth it, caused me to lose my interest.

02-17-2006, 10:49
I received the Special Forces expansion as a gift, because I had already spent $45 on the game and wasn't going to spend more. For the first month or so it came out, everyone was playing it, but when you go online now, there just aren't that many servers hosting SF anymore. That was quick, huh?

With my clan's BF2 server, we were doing SF roughly every three days, but the interest just declined so much that we have virtually stopped playing it. One pain in the butt is that you need at least 10 players to "start" a game, so people checking the servers skip all the ones with less than 10 players. Once we get 10 players on, the server fills up rapidly. With SF, we started going all night with less than 10 players, so we've almost given up on it.

Now "Euro Force" is coming out, we'll see if the same thing happens. Some people are looking forward to it, but I guess the cost doesn't bother them like it does me. BF2 is basically $50, add SF for $30, and Euro Force is supposed to be $20... Weeelll, now you are at $100 for a computer game!! And then "Armored Fist" (or something like that) is supposed to come out this summer, and that will be another $20.

What is weird, and many say unfair, is that people with SF can use many SF weapons in regular BF2 games, but people with "just" BF2 can't use them. I have a feeling that BF2, and the way the expansion packs are being released, is the new "way" of computer gaming. Having new weapons available to those who spend more, will of course make others want to buy the expansion packs.

Whoops, went a bit off there!

02-18-2006, 20:58
I used to be big into online team events on Halo 2. The modders kind of ruined it. Quit for awhile and played BF2 for the Xbox and fell in love with that. But, I'm starting to think of getting out of Xbox Live and playing BF2 on the PC. How does BF2 for the PC compare with BF2 for the Xbox? The only time that I've played BF2 on the PC was when I went with some friends to an internet cafe (yeah, a geek filled afternoon) and we thoroughly kicked ass. And it was really fun. So, basically what I am saying is, tell me if there is any point for me to buy BF2 for the PC if I already have it for Xbox. Not sure if my PC can even run it though... :(

(Only a smidgen off topic, sorry.)

02-19-2006, 00:12
BF2 is a BIG PC hog. I have a PIV 2g, 1g ram, ATI Radion 9600 256mb graphics and it runs very well on medium graphics settings. If your graphics card is less than a 256, you should probably have at least 2g ram. This is a general recommendation, as there are so many PC configurations out there it is hard to be specific. Some people with a lot less of a PC than me say they run it fine, and some with mega PCs claim they have a lot of problems. It can take a while when you first get the game to figure out the right combination of graphics settings and whatnot for your particular computer to run the game well.

There are a ton of servers online for PC multiplayer. It has a built-in VOIP for in-game communications if you have a headset with mic. You have to be in a squad or the commander to use it. Not a whole lot of people use it though. My clan uses Teamspeak, which works better.

I am not sure how Xbox Live works, but there is no cost involved for playing the PC game online.

We just played a TWL match tonight, and got our rear ends handed to us. Our first two matches were, now that I look back on it, against far less experienced teams. It was a big wake up call for us after our first two matches.

02-19-2006, 00:23
Yeah, you have to pay for Live, sadly. I'm going to seriously look into getting BF2 for the PC tomorrow, though. Sounds promising.
I'm not exactly a big PC guy. Is there anyway I can check and post my specs and you could tell me if it would run on my system?

02-19-2006, 08:14
There is a lot of discussion over at PlanetBattlefield forums about computer specs. I wouldn't call myself a geek, but I know my way a bit around a computer. The TechTalk forum here is a good place to ask questions.

As I said, you would probably want at least a Pentium IV 2g processor, with 1g of RAM. A GOOD graphics card, preferable with 256 ram, if not then you would be better with 2g of computer ram.

If you click on My computer, I believe there is info somewhere in there about your computer. Also, if you go to Crucial.com they have a simple program that will analize your computer and give you all the specifications.

If you get into a good game and join a GOOD squad, the game experience is intense. A lot of guys who play "lonewolf" all the time just don't know what they are missing!