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02-18-2006, 13:41
anyone here remember or used to build kits from Heathkit for ham radio equipment, back in the days? it brings back great memories.

R. Emmelman
02-19-2006, 06:52
You can find un-built kits on eBay. They demand a great price though. The first HF contact I ever made was with a HW-8 (CW and a whole whopping 8 miles away!) Still have the QSL card from that contact.


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02-20-2006, 08:19
There are still tons of DX60 HW101 SB102 HW7 HW8 DX1680 SB200 SB220 DX100(both A and B) in use today.

I have a heath SA-2060A legal limit tuner in operation at my station.

02-20-2006, 12:14
And I, along with my brother and father, worked HF DX-60 transmitter and its matching receiver, model escapes me. I had my novice at that time, so I was only able to work CW on those bands. But I was able to work 2-meter AM phone on our Heath Twoer. Man, that's bringing back memories. We had some friends that would mobilize those Heath Twoers and Sixers, and use those mobile halo antennas. Anybody elses memories being jogged here? ;f

02-20-2006, 13:20
Check out the AM nets on 7290 and 3885

All that vintage gear is still in use.

The DX60 companion was an HR10 and the HG10 VFO

02-20-2006, 14:21
Ahhhh, forgot about the VFO. I remember when we got that. Thought it was the greatest things since sliced bread. And it was. Those crystals were a king's fortune on a 12-year old's budget.

02-20-2006, 15:00
Crystals still cost a fortune from Jan's or the other suppliers due to the minimum order criteria.

R. Emmelman
02-20-2006, 19:16
Let's not forget "tho old green keys"


02-21-2006, 13:23
I was just working my HW-8 yesterday. Love that little rig! I never had the pleasure of building a Heathkit as I got into the hobby around 1991, and the Heathkit era had more or less folded up by then. I have always thought it would be a blast to have built a station from the ground up with their kits.

However, I have found that one can still have alot of fun with what is available today. For those who don`t mind working at QRP power levels, there are ALOT of kits out there, from places like the Nor Cal QRP Club, Small Wonder Labs, Wilderness Radio, and Elecraft, just to name a few. They range from the primative to the state of the art, and they are great fun to build and operate. They DO require some of us to wear magnifying glasses at times while building, which I suspect was never a problem with Heatkit! Hi Hi

73/72 Flaps

R. Emmelman
02-21-2006, 16:45
" They DO require some of us to wear magnifying glasses at times while building,"

;z ;z ;z ;z

I found that out a few years back while working with some surface mount. ;f

03-17-2006, 14:20
My first CW contact was on a DX60-HR10B-HG10 combo that I built. I was more nervous than a virgin on the verge. I hooked up a 100 watt light bulb to test my ability to tune the transmitter, took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from my palms and sent CQ into the light bulb. I reach around to hook up the tuner with a wire antenna attached and a guy in North Carolina came back to me. I was scared to death, but finished the whole QSO (RST, QTH and rig as I remember) on the light bulb. I was shaking like a possum pooping peach seeds. It was great.

When 2 meter FM became popular, I modified a bunch of commercial gear for 2 meters, but nothing ever came close to the feeling on that first CW QSO on something I actually put together. It was kind of cool to go from 80 meters to 2 meters all using 6146's.

03-20-2006, 05:39
R. Emmelman..

That TTY looks real familiar.. We had one very similar at a CG station back in the early 70s ASR-28 or sumpin like that??


03-23-2006, 12:15
I build a lot of Heathkits as a teen ham. My first transmitter was a DX-20 for CW as a novice. I built a VHF-1 Seneca 120 watt 2/6 meter xmtr as a senior physics class project, Sixer, watt-meter, paddle keyer and several test equipment pieces. I still have all of these items plus a couple of unbuilt kits in their original boxes.

I always wanted to build a Heathkit color TV but couldn't part with the cost of that one.

R. Emmelman
03-24-2006, 04:42
Originally posted by blinkin357

I always wanted to build a Heathkit color TV but couldn't part with the cost of that one.
BOy does that bring back memories. I would get the catalog and by the end of the day have all the pages crinkeled and worn. Yes the color TV was always a favorite project to dream about.