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USMC Scout Dog
02-18-2006, 21:18
1966 - 1969

Sgt. United States Marine Corps

Scout Dog Handler
Viet Nam, Jan. 1968 - Feb. 1969

R. Lee Ermy was my Drill Instructor. I had a chance to visit with him recently in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had the honor of introducing him to my oldest son.

Semper Fi

02-24-2006, 14:20
was he really the same as on the movies?

USMC Scout Dog
02-24-2006, 17:35
Anything you see in Full Metal Jacket would have been a kind and gentle day for the Gunny. He was an E5 at the time. He was one of the hardest men that I have ever known. For those strong enough to pass his test in Boot Camp it was found that he turned boys into United States Marines. I hold him, and my two other Drill Instructors in the highest honor. He is the kind of man you want on your side when times get ugly.

02-24-2006, 18:48
I was at P.I. in Oct.68 at 17 Plt.2001
He and Gunny McClain were drinking buddies.

USMC Scout Dog
02-25-2006, 13:45
I was with him in Plt 3086, MCRD San Diego, 1966. I'm sure that he may have had a number of fellas that were drinking buddies. Most of us did.

New York Hunter
03-07-2006, 14:13
R. Lee Ermey is awesome! He was first retiree in the history of the Marine corps to be promoted.......that says a lot right there!:)