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02-19-2006, 11:40
This is the one I bought from Kawasaki Pro Destry Abbott a little over a month ago. It took a while to get use to 'er, but now she feels like mine. I really love this bike.

I put on my old Twinwall bars from the CR500 and my custom carbon fiber handguards too.







I can't wait to get a chance to really see what she'll do. I only had a couple rides on her before the first race, plus I was way outa shape and only finished mid-pack. For the second race I was on fire, riding really well (relatively speaking), but got a front flat.

Sooner or later the stars will align. ;)

02-19-2006, 20:19
Very nice bike. The pictures are great! What race is that?? The harescramble last weekend? I wanted to go and spectate, but couldn't make it.

If that is from the harescamble, can you talk about it? I might like to try some sort of organized off-road competition but I'm a complete noob. I don't think motorcross is for me but some sort of cross-country racing might be up my ally. Do they have classes for beginners?

I've got a 95 CR250R and a XR650R.

02-19-2006, 21:34

Those pics were from January's race, called the Kilauea Crusher.

These races are part of the AMRA ( http://www.amraracing.com/ )race series. It's very simple and easy to partake in. In fact, your 1995 CR250 would be a very good bike. I was riding a 1994 CR250 prior to my 2001 CR500. Both were solid race bikes.

There are several levels of riders, divided into classes ranging from: A (expert), B (amatuer), C (beginner), and sportsman. Within each class, there are categories for displacement, age, or gender.

I race in the 250cc/450cc B class. There are 2 races, one for the A and B riders, and one for the C and Sportsman classes. Generally there's 100+ riders per race. Most riders start with Sportsman and work their way up.

The races are held on somewhat technical singletrack terrain and last for 2 hours (C/Sportsman) or 3 hours (A/B). Due to the slower, more technical race format... injuries are less common than in motocross. You're biggest enemy will be your stamina/energy.

You'll need protective gear and accessories for your bike (skidplate, handguards)... You'll also need a spark arrestor and hydration pack.

There are several clubs that belong to AMRA and each club hosts one or two races per year. I'm a member of "RockStars MC". http://www.rockstarsmc.com/httpdocs/index.php We have our monthly meeting this Thursday, and were hosting the next race. It'll be a good meeting if you wanna attend. Meeting info scrolls across the webpage.

It's really a hoot. There's always a bunch of photographers out there taking pictures, so you feel like a real pro. There's also giveaways and trophys. I got trophys in my first three races.

Here's some pictures of me from last weeks AMA National in Mammoth (AMRA was chosen to host this one by the AMA). I'm not special, everyone who races gets glory shots.... I gotta admit it is cool though, especially when you become friends with the hundreds of people that race in these events.





I'm sitting down in a lot of those pics because my bike had a flat front tire and I couldn't push it hard.

02-19-2006, 22:37
Thanks for that info. I'm gonna check it out. Sportsman class sounds like a good place to get your feet wet. My CR needs some work though (just bought it and I think the crank seals are bad)...

The pics are awsome. How do you get the pictures? Do you buy them or is it a volunteer effort on behalf of the photographers?

02-20-2006, 00:30
For the pics, it's a combination of pro photographers and racer's wives. The pros want your $$$, but you can copy the low res images for free.




The more you look, the more you find.


There's many more, but you get the idea.

02-21-2006, 12:16
So...when are you gonna put street slicks on it?;e

02-21-2006, 14:16
I may try supermoto someday, but after having that ZRX1200 last year I realize I'm too much of a hooligan to be operating a motorcycle on a public roadway.

I could see myself getting an old ~350cc, slow vintage motorcycle someday. As long as it's really really slow. The instant I straddled my old ZRX, I had the devil wispering in my ear. At least I was able to realize it before something bad happened.