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02-20-2006, 09:05
VF-32 sailors here is our squadron pictures.

02-23-2006, 15:03
I was a VF-32 SWORDSMAN back in the early seventies. We were flying Phantoms back then. I was an AMH1 Line P.O. On the JFK. John

02-24-2006, 05:24
Did you know doug kemp or jack capper?

02-24-2006, 06:03
Sorry, I don't recognize those names. That was a long time ago. John

03-01-2006, 22:35
I was on the 73 cruise in the AE shop working on the Phantoms. The next cruise I was in the AE shop with Riflemanz working on the Tomcats.

Here are a few sites we set up. Most of the pictures are from the Tomcat cruise.

X-Phantom Phixer
X-Tomcat Tweaker

03-02-2006, 18:14
I sure don't miss all the work i had to do to keep the squadron flying!Everthing was hey ZIG can you fix this or that!

03-02-2006, 18:35
As Line PO's, we were constantly looking for the "FE" trouble-shooters, translated to mean "F-----G Electrician". Remember that?
I'm looking through my souveniers for the cruise book from that cruise. If I find it, I'll send it to you for your website. That's the cruise that started as a 2 week CarQual and we were emergency deployed to the Med during the CarQual. Most of us didn't have our sea bags with us and the Wing had to go to everyone's home to collect our gear and fly it over to us. That was a mess. I checked into VF-32 in 1969 and transferred out early in 1971 to Career Counselor's School and Instructor Training school.
I'm 70 years old now and can't remember many names from VF-32. My Name is John Welch and the Assistant line PO was ADJ1 Jim Devorsney and a young AMH2 Rick can't remember his last name, he was a really sharp guy from NYC. Do you recall an AE1 who got a meritorious promotion to AEC? He drove a white Ford Mustang fastback.I think he was in VF-32 but it could have been VF-14.
I enlisted in 1954 and retired in 1986 as an AFCM with 32 years service.