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02-21-2006, 13:06
Hey all:

Wanted to say howdy from the nor'east corner.
General class ham op.
Can work 17 & 20. Hope to get better antenna up soon.
SSB, PSK31, RTTY, SSTV & HELL modes.
My CW stinks but i'm workin on it.
Also have Echolink.
Interested in a net if one gets going.

73 de FN64

R. Emmelman
02-21-2006, 16:42

HELL... Is there anyone using that mode? Where would I find it?

I mostly work AF-MARS for HF but have been known to visit 20-Meters. :)

73 de WI9NDY
Rich in INDY

02-22-2006, 02:44
I've found a little HELL mode just above the PSK on 20M. Around 14.073 - 075 Usually my contacts are pre arranged. Same story for other "oddball" modes like stream or throb.
Most of my HF ops are on 17 & 20M due to current antenna situation. My 40 / 15M flat top came down about a month ago & I haven't been up to repair it yet.


R. Emmelman
02-22-2006, 06:01
Thanks, I will have to listen for some of those exotic modes. :) I have a 75' longwire and a VersaTuner III. I can "tune" most frequencies although 10M and 160M are a bit of a challenge. Just keep hoping that the bands will improve soon.

02-22-2006, 07:36
We are close to the bottom of the cycle. However, I worked nearly 100 countries in the last month. The bands are fine. While they are not at the peak of the cycle, 40 and 20 continue to perform very well. 15 has its brief moments and I worked ZL on 10 a couple weeks ago.

I had 64 countries in the ARRL international DX - CW contest this past weekend and I only played for 4 hours S&P. All of them on 40 and 20. I had some friends work all kinds of exotic stuff this weekend like TU, YA, VU and the 3Y0X.

W/VE contacts have not been affected much by the bottom of the cycle. I had WAS in 8 hours during a contest in Oct and got close to WAS again during NAQP a month ago on 40.

The bands are not open as long as they are at the peak, however at your greyline times 20 is rocking. 40m is great all night and 30m has its 2pm - 5pm Central Time peak.

02-22-2006, 13:30
Ditto on what Martho says....... I goofed around in the ARRL test over the weekend running a rock busting 400 mW and worked F, I, CU, 6V, G, J7, LU, PY, P4, and a few others. Most contacts were 1st call, so my peanut whistle signal was definately readable given band conditions. Of course you have to take into account that alot of the contesters are running some serious antennas. But with Contest QRM and all, cant say it was a bad showing. If someone told me the solar flux was 130, I would have believed it.


02-22-2006, 21:29
I noticed 20M was loaded with CW ops. I'm not a contester myself & my CW isn't as good as it should be but I did get some good QSO's on PSK & had my first TF contact on SSTV.

Need to get on the roof for some repairs & re-orientation of a couple antennas. Lookin fwd to workin the GT gang when I get the chance.