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02-25-2006, 07:15
Hi All, Is there a way to tell if a timing belt needs to be replaced? I bought a 92 300ZX, when I bought it, there was 90k mikes on the car. Nissan recommends changing the belt every 60k miles. The prior owner said he changed the belt @ 60k, but didnt have hte record. I tend to believe him b/c the car was in showroom condition when I bought it from him. The 60k maintenance on the car is about $1,000, so I'm not anxious too just have it done. TY.

02-25-2006, 10:25
Age can be just as harmful to a belt as mileage. It can crack and get brittle. You don't want to crash your valves because a simple timing belt broke. I would change it regardless.

02-25-2006, 11:16
How many miles are on it now? DO NOT go over the recommended miles for the timing belt. If itís an auto I would stick to the recommended schedule for atf change too. Everything else probably could go for quite a bit longer. If you are worried that he didnít have it done at 60,000, just call him and ask him where he had the car serviced and ask them if it had been done. If you are asking because you are coming up to 120,000, then have it done. If the belt breaks, you are probably better off looking for a low mileage used engine. You could get some money back by selling your engine to someone that want to build a strong engine just using stock block and crank.