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Steve Koski
03-07-2006, 01:44
I'm 37 and have been swimming for 4 years. Longer more intense workouts the last few months.

I'm getting pain on the outside of my arm, starting at my elbow and moving up, maybe 1/2 way to my shoulder. Its getting progressively worse with time. It seems like some sort of tendonitis.




03-09-2006, 10:17
I donít know; thatís a tough question. Do you focus on one stroke? Iím bad to get into a freestyle rut and overlook the backstroke (which is about the only two I use).

Iím probably not the best source on this. The only indoor public pool within driving distance closed last summer for renovation and hasnít re-opened yet. I havenít been in the water since September.

Personally, Iíd probably take about two weeks off and then try to mix it up a bit. You may even try using fins and a kickboard for a while to give the arms a rest.

Anyway, Iím just grasping at straws here, good luck.

03-12-2006, 16:21

anything I post is just friendly suggestions, not professional advice. I also would like to know what stroke you have pain with.


anatomic position is palms forward, so your arms are supinated and the radius and ulna are not crossed. can you describe where the pain is in that position using medial as towards your body, lateral as away from it, and anteriorly and posteriorly.

also, is it worse when you first wake up, or after you move around for a while?

before you swim, early in the swim, or after the swim?

then put your hand on the wall at shoulder height with arm bent and push, does that hurt. does pulling hurt?

now grab something immobile and try twisting clockwise and counterclockwise. do either of those hurt? (need to know which arm we're talking about.)

I'll make a guess if you answer some of those questions, or maybe someone else will know too.