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View Full Version : Honda Accord Brake/Tranny lock out problems

03-09-2006, 16:17
Hey guys. I got a problem w/ the car. The switch(?) that is triggered when I hit the breaks is on the fritz. The break lights wont come on and the tranny will not let me in. I have to overide it.
Can y'all give me some heads up on what "exactly" to look for. I'm going to tear into her on Saturday and would like any heads up I can get. I hate getting behind the dash but I know its up there.



03-09-2006, 19:24
Ummmm.......Brake light switch?

I think on your car it's located near the brake pedal pivot. It's usually just a switch with a plunger. Yes, they go bad.

Be sure the wires are secure. If they are then it's the switch. Cheap.


03-09-2006, 19:34
If it is the brake light switch you may be able to get to it without taking anything apart. Just do like Clydeglide said and look up by the pedal pivot.

03-09-2006, 20:59
Thank you guys!!!

I just took a look under the dash and saw an apparantly easy to get to switch. Right up front too, I guess they knew it would go bad.

I'm glad I didn't have to do a head stand on my floor board.