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03-11-2006, 18:44
Well, like the subject says. I'm pretty happy about it, naturally it's raining and thundering at my QTH. ;f

Now I can go anywhere hams are allowed. More DX to be found on the Extra portions of the bands.

I tried to take the test last fall, but work intruded. I was really determined to pass, and studied a lot. During lunch, before work, at night after dinner, etc. It paid off, I didn't get too many wrong on the test.

03-11-2006, 19:05
Hope to hear you on the Extra bands.

03-11-2006, 19:17

I didn't even know there was a ham section on this site.

I'm not active much any more, I just don't have the time but I still try to stay somewhat current.

Rusty <><

Kerrville Dan
03-11-2006, 19:53

03-11-2006, 21:05
Congrats on the ticket. I'm still working on it but the math's dogging me bad.. I WILL get it, given enough time.



03-12-2006, 08:20
Thanks, everyone. I was really excited yesterday after passing the test first time out. Lots of study, every chance I got.

One thing I found helped quite a bit was QRZ.com's practice exams. When I was hitting those at over 85% I figured I was ready. It took a while, though, especially with the math which you don't use regularly.

Those polar coordinate problems still make the head spin.

03-12-2006, 09:13

Congrats on the Extra ticket...

Back in the days of the math all being on the Advanced exam, I went in to take it and didn't even bring a calculator along. The examiners all asked me where it was, and all thought I was an idiot, and how was I ever going to pass that monster. They just shrugged their shoulders. I got two wrong, on the whole test (and they weren't the impedence Q's)

Just tooting my own horn, but the Navy ET'A' School helped a bit...

...again Congrats.

R. Emmelman
03-12-2006, 20:32
WELCOME to the Extra club!
:) :cool: ;a ;F ;+ ;D ^5 ~2 ^c #wav ~`c


03-13-2006, 09:52
Originally posted by R. Emmelman
WELCOME to the Extra club!
:) :cool: ;a ;F ;+ ;D ^5 ~2 ^c #wav ~`c


I second that Welcome to the Extra club


03-13-2006, 16:53
Thank you, thank you very much. I like what I hear so far on the Extra portion of the bands. Less crowding, and more DX.

03-17-2006, 13:23
Congrats on the upgrade! Sounds like you are a DXer, so you will be having LOTZA fun now....... I remember when I was a general, and the sun would go down, and a while later 20 would go down. I would see all my buddies (on the 2M cluster) migrate down to 40 CW, and I would grit my teeth in envy. Finally, I started using the time after 20 folded to study and took my advanced, and extra all at once and passed. What a difference in DXing! You are going to be hard to get out of the shack for a few months now!

Have Fun,

03-17-2006, 14:02

I remember the first thing I did when the license came (back then you had to wait) was to call a buddy and tell him to meet me in the Extra portion of 20 so I could test an antenna. He said "You can't go down there with and Advanced." I said "I know". It was great. My XYL has a QSL from him for each class (way back then) as her first contact. Novice, Tech, General, Advanced and Extra. She has them in a frame in the shack.

It's a great feeling to stretch and reach the top!


03-18-2006, 11:07
Thanks, it is a good feeling to have the Extra. I've wanted it for quite a while, but life has a way of messing with the plans you make.

The bands are different on the Extra portion, as I mentioned, less crowded, less 'lids' it seems.

I wonder how they will be during a contest? Still crazy, or more restrained?

03-20-2006, 14:36
During a contest the bands are always full.

The best thing about the extra portion is having access to 7.005

Just about all the DX you would ever want to work is right there.

Congrats on the upgrade

03-23-2006, 18:09
Nice work !!
de N3RDV