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03-12-2006, 15:08
Heres a picture of my GSP, his name is Buster, wish I had more pictures of him, he's in Oregon right now, while in in Texas.

Really miss him and his great personality.

Any one else have a GSP?

03-12-2006, 22:31
Cool dog! This is weird I was logging on to ask if anyone had one of these dogs also just as I was about to make a new post I saw yours,I am looking for info on them because I am thinking of getting one.Any sugestions where to find info on them?

03-13-2006, 22:46
Sadly, I honestly dont know were to get one right of that, or a good breeder. I got Buster, from a Texas Quail hunter, and I love the GSP, they, like to please, they are smart, alot of energy, they are a challenge, but are worth it, you give em a little attention, and they love it. They always want to hunt, and thats there happy place.

Buster is fixed, and is very non aggresive, and is somewhat protective, and is alert Barker. Field dogs are great breeds, and usally most love to please. GSP, do shed, and they have shorter hollow hair. Becareful on what you feed em, get the High Engery, dog food and you will have a High Engery GSP on your hands, which is alot of energy, since they dont tend to give up. So unless you need the High Engery for the field I would avoid it. I feed mine Nutro, and it is great. They do require exercise and running. Good luck I addicted to GSP's.