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03-15-2006, 07:55
Hey guys! Heres my situation. I've been shooting every weekend for a year now. My primary shooting hand is right. I am also right eye dominant. But, I write and do other things more with my left hand, thus my left hand is stronger.

Recently, I've been pondering on the idea that I should switch my primary shooting hand to my left since it is stronger. But, I also counter myself by thinking that shooting right handed would also be an advantage since if a BG were to see me doing tasks on my right, then suddenly I shoot with my left, it would kinda put him off guard.

Although in competitions, having my actual strong hand as my support hand in shooting would be an advantage if there was a stage with support hand only shots right? Holsters and other firearm related things would also be easier on righties than on lefties. What do you guys think? Am I making sense at all?

Thanks. :)