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03-17-2006, 17:15
Did any of you guys have to go through that i did what a *****.Also do they still have it?

03-18-2006, 12:45
They had it when I went through in '93. When did you go through?

03-18-2006, 13:14

03-18-2006, 15:01
I was a squad leader in Boot and a guy in my squad was invited to enter that wholesome endeavor. While there he stole the 1st Sgt's Greens. They fit somewhat and he put them on and tried to walk out the front gate at MCRD San Diego. Here is a guy 19 yrs old with up and down stripes, 4 rows of ribbons and 5 hashmarks. They threw a net over him and sent him to the brig. I had to inventory his gear. Never found out what happened to him after that. I would have loved to have been there to see the look on the gate MP's face when he saw the ****bird walking toward him.

03-20-2006, 15:50
They had at P.I. both Modivation PLT. and Fat body PLT. I worked hard not to get in either, never did. Does these still exisit today?

03-26-2006, 20:47
Is that the same a Pork Chop Platoon?

03-27-2006, 14:53
Iffin you be talking about fat body PLT yes lol

Originally posted by E__WOK
Is that the same a Pork Chop Platoon?

03-27-2006, 20:30
:laughabove: :laughabove: :laughabove: :laughabove:

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

Late in first Phase, it was obvious that we had several ****birds in the platoon that were constantly causing us time on the Quarter deck, and time in the pit.

The Senior bellowed "Classroom now Move!!"

42(Started with 74!) Butts hit the deck and froze untill permission was granted to "adjust".

The Candidates for seperation were announced, and a vote was taken.
(Our Senior LOVED Head games when it came to Loyalty)

Baldwin, Roller, Whitehead, and two others were all f'd up.

All five were voted out.

That's when the Nuke went off in the Squad bay.:freak: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

I cannot post the language used by the senior and the two Juniors present, but Lord did we "Pay".

After several repetitions of "Mt. Suribachi", "powder and Pivot", Manual of arms with the foot lockers, and all the while the Guide and Squad leaders were being thrashed, the Candidates were herded off.

2 Min. later Baldwin, Whitehead,and Forkes returned and got the other two Recruits foot lockers, walked off, and then returned to the Melee.

A couple of days later we "Picked up" two "Reformed" recruits.
One from PCP (Pork Chop Platoon) and the other from "Motivation Platoon".

Both guys were NOT right( Remember "Beeker" from the old "Muppet show"?? ) and it was obvious.
But they WERE absolutely nothng but motivated.

Both made contact with Forkes,Baldwin, Whitehead and another Recruit that had issues with weight... Roller.

Roller dropped 60 pounds at the end, and was in the 19's on the final PFT run. I don't know how he did it, the Hats kept messing with his chow to the point we all felt sorry for him and pushed him whenever he needed.

Forkes was probably THE most messed up individual I will ever meet, but he turned around(Mostly. On graduation Day, I had to tell him his friggin dress shoes were on the wrong feet next to the Theatre with 5 Min. before Graduation!!!) 180 Degrees and slipped less often.
Thank GOD!!! As I was his Squad leader, and paid dearly every time he screwed up!!!

Baldwin became the Platoon ****bird that everyone liked.
He was messed up but he was ours.
Our Guide and the rest of the platoon got into a pissing contest over him at the Chow hall one day, with a sister platoon.
Wasn't pretty,but the Senior let us know he appreciated thashing us for the indiscretion.

Whitehead for some reason, never had another problem.

Last I knew, Forkes was still in, and a Motor-T Gunny.
Roller got out after 8.

Lost track of the others.

Seeing Forkes crank 12 Pull ups, after previously only bieng able to pull 5 a week before, meant something.

That lesson stuck.

They might be ****birds, but they are OUR ****birds.

Semper Fi!