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03-21-2006, 16:24
I know all the hard core gunners out here hate on paintball players. It's just some fun little game we play out in the woods. What about the tourney scene that has exploded in the last five years to be bigger than skating and snowboarding?? That is amazing. I feel that no one here really recognizes that this legitamate shooting game is quickly becoming one of the most popular participant sports in the country. I love paintball, airsoft, airguns and firearms in general. All should unite under something separate from the NRA, that encourages the shooting sports, not just ownership and possesion and this massive fight that we must all undertake just to have our guns. Am I alone out here? I play a lot of paintball, airsoft and will be shooting my first USPSA match within a month. The act of shooting is the sport and the art, it just depends on how it's done, application, velocity and projectile. I just felt like writing this so there would be more than one post in the paintball thread.

03-22-2006, 19:04
ok, ok, I'm a hardcore gun guy.
Guess what, the few times I have played paintball I found it to be a blast. The only place I ever played was indoors, but what a rush it was to stalk through darkened rooms, with your paint gun-not a marker damn it-looking for the "enemy".

03-22-2006, 22:28
I just realized there was a paintball section on here. I started playing like eight years ago and I played every weekend for a year most of the time saturday AND sunday. So I started ref'ing for the field I played at. Then years later a couple other painball places opened up and one was an indoor. I was also on a team and we would play some local tourneys. That is by far the most fun sport I've played. Im suprized it has taken off like it did especially since paint used to go for like $70 + for a case of paint.

LOL [^quote] "not a marker"
That is something I didnt like getting used to either but I think it has taken over.

03-25-2006, 21:34
Originally posted by startsparKing
Im suprized it has taken off like it did especially since paint used to go for like $70 + for a case of paint.
Hell, when I started paint ran about $120 a case. Of course since all we had were pump guns it took us a looooooooong time to shoot that much.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to run some kids off my damn lawn.

04-01-2006, 19:32
I played team paintball in the early nineties when the phantom was the top gun and semis were still flakey.Even so,a case of paint could go pretty quick through a phantom.:supergrin:

04-04-2006, 19:49
Hardcore gunners ragging on paintballers?? Maybe so, but one of my friends who played paintball with us was a Marine and he said that his unit used to whack each other all the time with paintballs in training.