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03-25-2006, 16:04
the new wrangler looks like a winner. I like the integrated fog lights, the 4 wheel disc brakes, the locking glove box and the integrated door handles. I am always banging my elbow on the driver side door handle on my 04 TJ.
I went to their web site, and couldn't tell if the soft top will still be available or if the 4 cylinder is kaput.
the only engine choice seems to be a 3.8 v6.
i love my 4.0 inline six.
anyway, I am glad they didn't really screw up the looks of the wrangler.

03-25-2006, 17:15
I'd like to see a small displacement V8 in a factory wrangler.

It will be interesting to see how the '07 Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser compare.

That jeep compass thing is an abomination imho.

03-26-2006, 16:52
I would love it if it still had the 4.0.