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Ed Ely
03-28-2006, 13:06
Just wanted to post this, which I received from a
good friend who is retired Army:

Following is a letter which a good friend, Ret'd Army MG Vern Lewis, asked me to pass on to my associates. I think he has a great idea, and if you agree, hope you will pass it on to your retired mil contacts.

I gathered some 16 of my old military friends who agreed to sponsor a movement for Veterans to salute rather than place their hands over their heart when honoring the flag, fallen comrades, and/or the country. I have some from each of the four principal services. Three of them were former Vice Chiefs or Assistant Commandants of their services, and several were former CINC's.

We refer to saluting when we do the pledge to the flag, when the National Colors pass or are presented, when the National Anthem or honors are played, or when taps are played and firing squads or guns render honors.

We got MOAA magazine to ask veterans what they preferred, hand over the heart or saluting. When last I looked, some 583 veteran respondents had voted 81% in favor of the salute. In addition, my email address was in the questionnaire and I've had about 150 responses, with all but a dozen or so in favor of the salute. Obviously an overwhelming majority of the veterans want to salute.

There are no regulations telling us veterans what we can and can't do in this matter. If we decide we want to salute, who will dare to tell us "no"?

It is a matter of personal choice. We've earned the right to render a salute. Now the challenge is to get the word out. I believe the unit and branch associations are the best way. The commanders of the American Legion and VFW never answered my emails, presuming they even got them. If we can get this started it will take on a life of its own. Those who object can continue the hand over the heart thing. Gradually the custom will change, as well it should.

Just imagine thousands of fans saluting at NFL, MBA, and Major League Baseball games when the National Anthem is played. It will telegraph a message to all others of how many have served this country in the Armed Forces---it will be a positive and patriotic message.

You can help by putting the word out in your organizations, which are made up of patriots like you and me. Thanks, my friend.


Navy HMC
04-01-2006, 05:26
You have my vote and support.

I do this now, usually when I am ata parade and the flag passes. Usually I am covered so it doesn't feel too wierd. I agree, those that serve should make a distinction.

04-02-2006, 14:10
Tridition of saluting only when covered(ie hat)origonated?

Mike of Oregon
04-09-2006, 20:47
You're supposed to be covered when outdoors. ;)

tea kettle
04-10-2006, 06:27
I would prefer to salute. Putting my hand over my heart makes feel like I am back at gradeschool. And, I agree it would send a message.

CAPT Bruce
04-18-2006, 20:08
I agree, we've earned the right and the pride through service to salute when we feel like doing so. I think the message this will send is both positive and uplifting. Show your pride in both your dedication and our Nation.

04-22-2006, 19:48
I was in the chow line at Fort Eustis, VA when retreat started to play. I was in civvies and I saluted. After I rendered honors a SSG told me that I should have not saluted. Me being a Mustang with a shaved head (read SOLDIER)retorted "I am in line at a military chow hall, with a skin fade haircut. It is obvious that I'm a Soldier, and I'll render honors as a Soldier". I didn't meen to sound like an a&*, but it just came out that way. It's just habit for me to salute. I always feel like I'm in uniform.

04-22-2006, 19:55
Originally posted by Mike of Oregon
You're supposed to be covered when outdoors. ;)

Unless you're on the flight deck.:alien:

CAPT Bruce
04-22-2006, 22:22
Originally posted by spober
I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHERE THE Tradition of saluting only when covered(ie hat)originated?

Tradition tells us that this like many of our US Navy customs comes from the Royal Navy of pre Colonial days. (Notice we kept their rank structure unlike the Army and the Marine Corps. Captain equals Colonel)

A knight would raise his helmet's visor upon approaching a stranger and he used his sword hand (right) to show he was unarmed and meant no harm. It became a mark of respect to a superior. Hence the right handed salute which in the old days of the Royal Navy was to lift or doff one's cover just a bit off the head. In the abbreviated form this became the salute we still practice. When uncovered, there was nothing to raise so no salute. Sorry I cannot quote the source for this trivia but it's been 37 years since the Chief instructed us on this one.
Fair winds and following seas,

It's a shame those seem to be the only gray matter cells that have really survived. Too much grog over the years :cheers:

05-09-2006, 20:00
I agree with saluting when appropriately covered. You dont have to pass a regulation for me - I do it now; and, I've always done it. If I'm wearing a Navy Ball cap the the band starts I salute. You should too.

Retired U.S Navy - 31 years

CAPT Bruce
05-09-2006, 21:39
And my Salute to you as well Boats2006 from another 31 year Navy Vet!
Bravo Zulu on your service to our Nation.
Fair winds,

05-20-2006, 06:18
I'm 110% in favor of veterans rendering a snappy military salute. The "Hand over the heart" never did appeal to me. After 32 years of continuous active duty (I enlisted in 1954 and retired in 1986) old habits die hard and I still render a hand salute when the situation presents itself. At 70 years old, I'm one of those old duffers who chokes up with pride when I hear The Star Spangled Banner being played and sung "properly" and have been known to weep openly when I hear of another service man or woman loosing there life in defense of that beautiful flag. Hell, I've got tears in my eyes just writing this. John

CAPT Bruce
05-20-2006, 07:08
Originally posted by Gunmeister
I'm 110% in favor of veterans rendering a snappy military salute. The "Hand over the heart" never did appeal to me. After 32 years of continuous active duty (I enlisted in 1954 and retired in 1986) old habits die hard and I still render a hand salute when the situation presents itself.

And my salute to you as well Master Chief! Wear those bright stars with pride! And if someone can't understand where those tears come from then they just have not been there.
Fair winds and following seas,

05-21-2006, 12:45
I like the idea and exchange of information on this. I too have felt a little strange removing my ballcap and placing it and my hand over my heart. My question now would be, You're at the ball game with your Giants hat on, or in my case, coaching my kids football team with the team hat on, and the National Anthem begins. Do I remove my hat and salute, or do I leave it on. Standing there and offering a salute with my sports cap on just doesn't seem right either. It simply doesn't seem to carry the same weight as standing there with my service cover on. I guess I'm just thinking out loud........

CAPT Bruce
05-21-2006, 16:51
For my two cents, if I were wearing one of my 30+ Navy ballcaps I'd probably keep it on and salute. No cover or a civilian hat at the time I'd remove it and salute the National Ensign all the same.

Faced that indoors at a Rotary meeting last week and I simply saluted while giving the Pledge of Allegiance. It lead to discussing this with other veterans at the table and all were pleased with the new concept and will begin saluting again. Again just my opinion, and yes it's a bit hard to overcome those ingrained traditions but this is a new world every day!
Fair winds,

Navy HMC
06-02-2006, 08:26
Originally posted by CAPT Bruce
And my Salute to you as well Boats2006 from another 31 year Navy Vet!
Bravo Zulu on your service to our Nation.
Fair winds,

You guys make me feel like a wet behind the ears young 'un: I retire this year with 26 years. Damn High year Tenure!

Fair winds and following seas shipmates!:patriot:

CAPT Bruce
06-02-2006, 09:11
Let's face it Navy HMC, after all the years we both spent in support of the USMC they probably should have retired us all at 20 years. Sure loved having them on my side in a fire fight but they are really "high maintenance." My salute to you for your service to our country as well and congratulations on 26 years! Go Navy!
Bruce :eagle:

Navy HMC
06-02-2006, 15:04

I will always treasure my time spent with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. You know, it's funny alot of my time spent with them was some of the hardest, difficult and challenging times I have ever had. Why do we look at these times with such fondness yers later?

Bu you know, I do so love those guys!

CAPT Bruce
06-02-2006, 15:21
Same sort of memories from the Seabees supporting the Marines. Maybe it was because nobody was more sincere when they said thanks for providing them some little creature comforts like places to get in out of the weather, have some hot chow, a shower and all those things most folks take for granted. Besides, I always had a soft spot for small green amphibious creatures. Our Can Do spirit seemed to fit right in with their esprit de corps so they called us the original Weapons Of Mass Construction.
Fair winds,
Bruce :eagle:

Ship A'Hoy
07-07-2006, 19:16
I have to admit I go to parades on the 4th of July and Memorial Day just so I can salute the flag. I wear a Navy ballcap or my DAV ballcap.

CAPT Bruce
07-29-2006, 17:58
Welcome to the crew Ship A 'Hoy,
What part of Pittsburgh? 25 years in my case in Duquesne and the South Park area of the South Hills. A smart salute to you as well Shipmate.
Fair winds,
Bruce :eagle: