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04-10-2006, 12:10
Have a '98 Volvo V70, bought new, now has 146,000 miles. This is a front wheel drive 5-cyl non-turbo model.

As you can see, we do a lot of driving. It is comfortable and big enough for the wife and me.

Gas mileage isn't great, but not a hog: 25mpg (actual) uses premium gasoline. Not a good snow car here in Maine. Whenever we've got some real snow, we take our Nissan Frontier 4WD.

Looking for a replacement for the Volvo that has better snow traction and lower costs of ownership (for scheduled maint.).

Thinking of a Honda CR-V 4WD EX model (26mpg advertized). Don't want another Volvo (high cost of ownership).

Anyone have any experience with one of these CR-Vs?


04-10-2006, 16:50
My dad's been keeping his eye out for a CRV for my mom for a while now. He's kind of a Honduh worshiper so he's a little biased, but they seem to be good small SUV's for city driving.


04-11-2006, 08:26
Thanks, Brian. I forgot to mention we plan to use the car for long trips as well as short ones.

Anyone have any links to active car forum sites that are as good for car discussions as this place is for firearm stuff?


04-11-2006, 17:34
A friend of mine had a CR-V.
She was one of the worst drivers in the world but had
NO PROBLEMS getting around in nasty midwestern winters.
Oh yeah, it was the awd version.

04-11-2006, 18:12
I know 3 people who own one (2003+ models) and the only complaints are wishing for a little more hp for uphill grades and road noise if the road isn't smooth.

The standard engine is 165 hp from the Civic Si line which is fine for all manner of freeways and around town. No complaints from any of them other than wanting what we all do - more hp.

Road noise bugs the snot out of me too but I think it's related to the OEM tires. Aftermarket should be much quieter.

I'd suggest looking at the mac daddy SE which comes with some nice features previously unavailable such as leather, steering wheel radio controls.

04-11-2006, 22:30
My daughter drives a 1998 CRV. It has about 225,000 miles on it and still runs like a top. Just be sure and have the timing belt replaced every 90,000 miles. A good web site to research a vehicle is

04-12-2006, 00:26
Originally posted by Thirties
Thanks, Brian. I forgot to mention we plan to use the car for long trips as well as short ones.

I only mentioned city driving as opposed to offroading, which the CRV is not designed for. You oughta be solid.

I have to say, have you looked at the Toyota RAV4?


04-12-2006, 11:38
I have to say, have you looked at the Toyota RAV4?

Brian [/B]

Brian, I'll be cchecking out the Subaru models tomorrow. The Rav4 always struck me a s a very small car. I'll check out a new one anyway.

By the way, what's the importance of octane on a 4-cyl non-turbo engine (Honda CR-V, or the Forrester 2.5X, for example)?

04-12-2006, 15:52
I see on the web the Rav-4 is now larger than the early versions.

But, what the hey . . . all Rav-4s are automatic transmission only!!! I'm shocked.

Sorry, but I draw the line there. No can do. We are a manual transmission family here. Call is blind prejudice, but that is what we drive.

It looks like the Honda CR-V or one of the Subarus, probably Forrester 2.5X with the expensive package.

Going to look at the Subarus tomorrow.

04-13-2006, 00:44
New Rav-4 has 269hp.... :supergrin: I hear ya on the tranny, though - I'm a manual man myself.

Feed 'em 85 octane. Unless it's a high-performance n/a motor with a twitchy tune or sees boost (which the CRV is NOT), you're not gonna gain much from gas with more octane. Give it the lowest grade you possibly can. If you hear detonation go up a grade, but I highly doubt you will.

You'll wanna run premium if you get a turbo Forester, though.


04-13-2006, 06:49
Brian, I did a little arithmetic to help me understand the differences in mpg and octane.

Based on 15,000 miles per year
28mpg low-octane Forrester 2.5X (non-turbo)
22mpg high-octane Forrester 2.5XT (turbo)

$2.50 for regular unleaded
$2.80 for premium unleaded (30 is an extreme price diff.)

Cost per year @ 28mpg/reg = $1,340
Cost per year @ 22mpg/prem = $1,910

difference between the two is $570
(all figures slightly rounded)

I did not factor in the sale price difference at an assumed nominal interest rate, etc. Nor did I allow for any difference in insurance and maitenance. But very basically, a turbo will cost at least $50 per month more than the non turbo in the 2.5 liter Forrester cars. This type of calculation hopefully makes it easier to decide.

At the moment, I'm thinking as a cheapskate/beancounter. Of course, after I test drive both models, I may be won over by power . . . we shall see. The main point is now I have a better idea what that power will cost me.

Before you say that 15,000 miles is extreme. We have an August 1998 Volvo V70 which we have driven 147,000 so far (April '06). That's over 18,000 miles per year. While our July 2000 Nissan Frontier only has 38,000 miles on 'er. The new car we're considering will be a replacement for the Volvo. We will not be using the Nissan truck any more often than now. In fact, we will surely be using the Frontier less often since we will not have to rely on the truck for long trips in snow as we now do. The V70 front wheel drive is not a great snow car not bad in snow, but not like a Forrester/CR-V would be.

I hope Toyota is reading this: no way would I consider buying their auto transmission Rav-4.

04-13-2006, 14:18
Went to the subaru dealer . . . scratch the Forrester (cramped) and Tribeca (poor use of space, and costly). But I really like the Outback wagon in the 2.5i, and the 2.5XT. more room, longer wheelbase. Will study more, then take a ride.

Have yet to check out the Honda CR-V and the Pilot. But I fear the CRV will be way to small inside.

04-14-2006, 21:23
Originally posted by Thirties
scratch the Tribeca (poor use of space, and costly)

...and FUGLY....;)


Honda Ghandi
04-15-2006, 14:30 Good place for more info. I like them for around town, pulling a load up the mountains is not as much fun however.

07-25-2006, 14:50
Yesterday bought a new 2006 Outback 2.5i LTD manual transmission wagon. Got it for a decent price ($24,500) with 24 moth zero percent financing.

Only bad part was settling for a blue one (wanted white).

Taking her for a 2 1/2 hour trip tomorrow. So far, I'm very pleased.

Wish the seatbelt dinger would shut up after a while instead of stopping, then starting up again. wish we could turn off those infernal daytime running lights. These are minor complaints.

Anyone know of any good subaru message boards? There are lots of dead ones (light message traffic).

Honda Ghandi
07-25-2006, 17:58
Try here: or here:

07-27-2006, 04:33
Many thanks Ghandi

Honda Ghandi
07-27-2006, 08:44
Youre welcome. Enjoy your Soobie.

07-27-2006, 09:03
I'm already happy. Refilled the tank today and am getting 29mpg on the button -- regular unleaded.