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05-15-2006, 20:42
Kamusta na ulit mga Kabayan. Does anybody here use Tanfoglio as their open gun in the Philippines? My wife tried the .38super set-up last week and she likes it. She asked me if she can have the same set-up when we move back home next year. Now my questions are:

1. Is there a Tanfoglio in cal.38super around Manila?

2. Is there a gunsmith that is well versed in working with Tanfoglios, or converting it into an open gun?

3. How about wear and tear of the parts, alim pong mga pyesa ang dapat naming i-reserba for back up.

She promised once we move back in Manila she will come along with me during competitions. Minsan lang sumama sa akin si BOSING kaya ibigay ang gusto :supergrin: That works good for me kasama ko lagi ang "Secretary of Budget and Finance.":rollsmiley: :supergrin:

Napansin ko din po na walang cal.38super ang ARMSCOR panay 9MM saan pa po meron? Salamat po sa mga payo mga kabayan.

PS. I am not well versed with tanfoglios. Thanks

Eye Cutter
05-15-2006, 22:28
I believe Kenneth Agustin has a tanfoglio open pistol. Tanfoglio factory built and acquired from armscor. Wala na yatang stock. Special order kay Bob and Maj. Tuliao. But Kenneth now uses his SPS most of the time.

It is my opinion that the best platform for an open pistol here in the Philippines is the 2011 wide bodies. SPS, STI, SVI. Using the Para and Armscor frames as base is ok if you can find decent mags!


Eye Cutter
05-15-2006, 22:56
Jun Gino, who's GT handle is jr speed, uses a commander length STI in 9mm as his open gun

accdg to jun, he loads 9 gr of ADI AP100? powder and 130+gr 9mm heads. I have no idea what the chrono and Power Factor is

05-16-2006, 00:51
Kenneth even had 2 Tanfoglio open pistols but gave them up for STI based open guns. Although i don't know what his main reason was for making the change.

05-16-2006, 04:25
Well I never shot competitively but I owned a Tanfoglio 9mm - steel, full-size. I had no complaints. I liked it. Simple, reliable.

I am not aware of its being locally sold in .38Super. As others have said, ask Armscor.

05-16-2006, 07:36
I saw some tangfaglio 38super in PB last november when they had their sale. I think mga last pieces na nila yun kasi di naman nila dinidisplay nuong sale lang lumabas tapos wala na. and they are not tangfaglio dealers anymore.

this might help, yopu can ask the man himself.


05-16-2006, 17:02
Thanks for the replies mga kabayan, for me I would go for STI/SVI platform but this gun was requested by "The BOSS"(wife). She stands 5'0" and she had a hard time handling the 1911 Hi-cap guns. I once gave her my SVI but after a while nag sawa na din kasi hirap sya na hawakan. Her body built is similar to Grace Tan(petite) pero medyo mababa sya kumpara kay Grasya. By the way mga pre balitaan nyo naman ako kung merong tinda si DEENOH ng STI/SVI frame kit. I tried to send him a PM several months ago but hindi sya nag reply. So just give me a heads up mga bosing and I figure na BOG's will get my business.:supergrin:

05-16-2006, 19:37
i think you could take some material off the sti/svi grips. I saw here in pb that some shooters with small hands do that. also some shooters that use the para frame take the grips off and just add skateboard tape to the metal parts and shoot it as is.